Sachin Tendulkar pays his respects to Phil Hughes

The “putoutyourbats” hashtag was started after Phil Hughes died on Thursday. In an amazing display of affection, cricketers and cricket fans from all around the world have used the trend to mourn his death.

Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar on Friday posted a picture of his cricket bat that he used at the age of 25 on Twitter. Tendulkar at 25 was at his batting peak.  Unfortunately Hughes was of the same age, three days short of his 26th birthday when he passed away.

Tendulkar, through Twitter had earlier wished Hughes a speedy recovery after the southpaw’s injury, and on Thursday had expressed shock over the young batsman’s death.

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The social media phenomenon, which has till now received an enormous participation was started by Paul Taylor from Sydney on Thursday, when he tweeted a picture of a cricket bat and baggy blue cap leaning on the wall outside his house using the hashtag #putoutyourbats.

Tendulkar’s tweet: