Seven things the teenager Sarfaraz Khan can’t do yet

At 17, when most students are busy evaluating their career options, Sarfaraz Khan is making headlines by showcasing his skills with the willow. However, there are many things that the teenager can’t do. Abhishek Kumar lists out seven things the Mumbai youngster can’t do yet:


1:  No booze

Sarfaraz Khan may be playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore, but he cannot drink the alcohol his owner manufactures. At 17, he is underage to consume alcohol in the eyes of the law.


2:  Can’t drive

Sarfaraz Khan has money to buy a posh car, but he is under-age under Indian law to drive car.


3:  No A-rated movies!

Sarfaraz Khan plays alongside adults, but he cannot accompany them to a theatre to watch an A-rated movie because he is not yet 18.


4:  No voting rights

Sarfaraz can have political views, but he cannot yet translate that opinion to vote the candidate of his choice in elections in India.


5:  No demat account

Sarfraz Khan got Rs 50 lakhs from RCB at the 2015 IPL player auction, but he cannot open a demat account on his own as he is still a minor. He will need his father or some other elder to be his guardian to open that account to try and make money from the stock market.


6:  Can’t have his own credit card

He can hit Yes Bank maximums, like he did on Wednesday, but won’t get a bank credit card in his name. He he will need his dad to bail him out for that privilege as a joint-holder.


7:  Can’t donate blood

There is cricket in his blood. But it’s a blood that he cannot donate for a noble cause if he wants to as the legal age for donating blood in India is 18.


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(Abhishek Kumar is a cricket devotee currently interning at He can be followed at abhicricket.kumar)