Shahid Afridi swallows the bitter pill hurled at him on Facebook with glee

He has an immense fan following but is mocked in the circles over his age and his style of play. Afridi is a noble human being and was recently listed as the 20th most charitable sportsman in the world. He also values his fans and on Monday, Afridi came online for a half-an-hour chat with his Facebook fans.


He created a lot of buzz among youngsters. An ardent fan, in a pun-intended manner wrote, “kabhi 30 minute crease per ruk b jaya ker! (Sometimes look to play for 30 minutes in the crease)” This post brought instant fame to Umair Mushtaq.


Within minutes Afridi obliged his fan and enjoyed the joke, which was directed at him. Afridi wrote, “hahahaha – good one.”

fb afridi


This throws light on the fact that the dasher has a large heart, which is why the fans associate the Facebook ‘like’ button to him.