Shane Warne enjoying in the New Year’s eve party. (Photo Courtesy: Shane Warne’s Instagram account)

When it comes to partying, Shane Warne is tough to beat and he proved it once again. The former Aussie spinner was seen partying at its best in a fantasy-themed fancy dress party on the New Year’s eve. Warne went on sharing pictures from the party through his Instagram and Twitter accounts that showed him wearing Baywatch costumes that imitated that of a lifeguard.

The party has properly started, only complaint is my 80’s music !!! Hahaha

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Warne got himself clicked with Tilley Holberger and photographer Rosanna Faraci and addressed them as ‘Angels’.

And….. The Angels too !!!!!!! @tilleyholzberger @rosannafaraci & friends A photo posted by Shane Warne (@shanewarne23) on

He was also seen enjoying the moments with friends clad in costumes of smirf, gladiator and stormtrooper.

Fantasy NYE party starting….

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Amongst all the fun, Warne didn’t forget to wish his fans from all over the world a happy new year. He wrote in a post on his Instagram account: “Went with a Baywatch lifeguard outfit for the NYE fantasy dress up party hahaha ! Happy new year to you all, I hope 2016 brings everything you desire. Remember nothing comes easy though & if you want it, you have to work for it, be prepared to make sacrifices, it will be all worth it in the end & very satisfying…. Lastly a huge shout out to my amazing children that I love so much, you are my life & my world … To my wonderful family & awesome friends you are all so loyal no matter what, no judgements, means a lot, you know who you are, have a great night & here’s to 2016 !!!!!!”