Shoaib Akhtar, Moeen Ali express grief over the shocking picture of Syrian child

Terrorism has become an epidemic, which seems to be spreading day by day. Innocent lives fall victim to it. Every sane heart bleeds to see innocent lives being taken away and it is even more sad when the victims are little children.

It is well-known to the world that there is continuous bombing and terrorist activity going on in Syria and recently an image from such bombing incident went viral in the media, which was so horrifying that it went in no time.

It was the image of a small child named Omran Dagneesh, bloodied and covered with dust, sitting silently in an ambulance and waiting for the help. This image reminded us of the one released in September 2015, where a two-year old refugee child named Aylan Kurdi in a red T-shirt, blue pants and black shoes, was seeing lying with his face down in the sand on a beach of Turkey. ALSO READ: Moeen Ali says cricket is important but not above Islam

That boy was also from war prone nation of Syria. The recently viral image of another child of Syria has once again made the diplomats and leaders of this world to rethink on their stand on terrorism.

Cricketers Moeen Ali and Shoaib Akhtar has raised this issue from their official Instagram and Twitter account by expressing their grief. This is another shocking image, which speaks many things about the third world within the globe, which resembles to such terror prone nations and no idea, when all these things will end.


Moeen is a devout Muslim and in 2014, he was in wearing a ‘Save Gaza’ wristband. ICC banned him from wearing that.