Shoaib Akhtar stays non committal over MS Dhoni-Virat Kohli captaincy argument

Pakistan legend Shoaib Akhtar has remained associated with the sport despite his playing days long gone. He is now a witty commentator and analyst. In recent times, Akhtar has been written several columns on current cricket. On this occasion, in a column for, Akhtar opened up on contemporary topics related to Day-Night Tests, Virat KohliMS Dhoni captaincy issue and Mohammad Amir.  ALSO READ: Virender Sehwag trolls Shoaib Akhtar with “mauka” taunt; Shoaib Akhtar “forgives” him.

As India is locking  horns with Zimbabwe most of the senior players have been rested after a long Indian Premier League (IPL). The young side has been well led by Dhoni but there are talks about Kohli taking over the captaincy across the formats. On this Akhtar wrote in his column for saying, “These are interesting times in Indian cricket with a few important voices backing Virat Kohli to take over from MS Dhoni as captain in shorter formats as well. It is an interesting one and I won’t like to commit my view on the subject just as yet. Let us see what coming months have in store.” ALSO SEE: In Photos: Virender Sehwag teases Shoaib Akhtar in the commentary box during ICC World T20 2016.

Pakistani speedster Amir has also been granted the visa to the UK for the forthcoming tour in England. Amir’s career has been marred with controversy but has returned to the international circuit with a bang. He is young and has time in his hand to make it big. On this, Akhtar wrote,”I also welcome the news of Mohammad Amir being granted the visa for UK to participate in Pakistan’s upcoming tour of the country. A lot is being said about the issue but to me the guy has served his punishment and everyone now needs to move ahead. I’d also urge the media to drop the word ‘tainted’ each time they describe the young fast bowler. Whenever he is written or spoke about on mass communication platforms his name is pre-fixed with ‘tainted’. It can be gutting not only for Amir but my heart goes out to his family as they have nothing to do with what happened. So for a young boy and his family’s well-being let us look to move on from here.”