Steve Smith disappointed with the umpiring decision on his dismissal during the India-Australia ICC World T20 clash

Australian skipper Steve Smith looked quite disappointed when he got out during the India and Australia clash in ICC World T20 2016 on Sunday. It was a do or die match for both the teams in the tournament and every run scored / wicket taken mattered at that time. Just after getting out, the 26-year old player looked dejected and was angry over the decision given by on field umpire Marais Erasmus as he thought that the ball never touched his bat.

It was the first ball of the 10th over, bowled by Yuvraj Singh when Smith got out. Yuvraj bowled a normal left-arm orthodox delivery which got unexpected bounce and turn. Smith tried to cut but eventually ended up getting an inside edge on his bat which was grabbed by MS Dhoni behind the wickets. An appeal followed and Smith looked unhappy as the umpire raised the finger. Even the replays suggested there was an edge.

Post match, when Smith was asked about his dismissal he said, “It didn’t feel like I hit that but that’s the game of cricket. I got given out. It was the umpire’s call and that was it. It was a bit disappointing,” as reported by

“I’m not sure, he might have heard something, I certainly didn’t feel anything. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last time it happens … I’m sure it’ll happen again in my career so I’m not too worried about it and I’ll move on,” Smith added further.

He also spoke about Virat Kohli’s heroic inning against last night and quipped, “Virat Kohli is an extremely talented and very good player and he has been for a long time … he played beautifully.”