The only cricketer to go down with the Titanic
John B Thayer

John Thayer was a US-born cricketer who played seven First-Class matches between 1881 and 1886. The Thayers were a well-known cricketing family as three of John’s brothers also played First-Class cricket.

He was just four days away from his 50th birthday when he died in the most-talked about sinking of a ship in maritime history. On April 15, 1912, John Thayer, went down with the RMS Titanic — the only cricketer to die in that ocean disaster — while travelling as first class passenger with his family members and maid.

Thayer ensured that his wife and maid boarded lifeboats, after being told by the Titanic’s designer, Thomas Andrews, that the stricken ship did not have “much over an hour to live”. Both survived. His son, Jack, dived from the sinking ship and was able to swim to an overturned collapsible boat. He too survived. Sadly, Thayer went down with the Titanic.

Titanic Sinks - New York Times
Titanic Sinks – New York Times