These beautiful nurses even changed Chris Gayle’s underwear!
Image courtesy: Chris Gayle (Instagram)

Chris Gayle recently underwent a successful back surgery and was out of entertainment for a few days. Though in sickness, he kept clicking pictures and uploaded them to keep his fans and followers updated. But now it seems the party man has returned. [Also Read: Out of hospital, Chris Gayle now gets ]


Gayle now plays a noble man and showed his gratitude by thanking the staff of the hospitals including his two nurses who took care of him while he was resting.


Finally, out of his room, Gayle posed with the nurses in the poolside and posted a picture on Instagram. He wrote, “1st time leaving my room since surgery, my 2 nurses Tasha & Ozelle …. It’s like once a man twice a child. Tash did everything for me, shower, change my underwear, make sure medication on time etc ..Ozelle just give pure jokes #GiveThanks#Miami” [Also Read: Chris Gayle thanks God and the doctors for the successful surgery]


The generous Gayle also got clicked with the hospital staff and thanked him for the relevant service he rendered and wrote, “ I just want to thank you and your family for everything y’all have done for me. The amazing food on my sick bed and even before that…the nurses on a break so we taking a stroll to Hooters for lunch.#NuffRespect #Blessings #GiveThanks”

While, expect loads of party updates in the times to come but at the same time, the cricket world will hope for him to return to his willow wielding action soon.