Video: And you thought Ben Stokes can only play cricket!

Cricketers are athletics, they are enormously fit and do try their hand in other physical activities which helps them in maintaining their fitness. But what English all-rounder Ben Stokes did was out of the ordinary.

Stokes might be a grown up boy but it seems that by looking at the trampoline he couldn’t let the small kid inside him from getting out. He made a fantastic jump and some crazy summersaults in the air. He took it to his Instagram handle where he uploaded the video and wrote, “It’s meant to be for the kids,but the kid in me couldn’t help myself….and yes my shoulder is absolutely fine”

There was a chance of his shoulder getting injured but the balance and composure was just perfect which helped Stokes in finishing the stunt without getting injured. Many cricketers play golf, some play football in their leisure time but this is one of the most amazing ways to spend some quality time.

Well, he seems to have tried this many a times and mastered the art but people watching this should never try this at home.