Video: When Kevin Pietersen stepped into MS Dhoni’s shoes

Indian limited over’s format skipper MS Dhoni when first burst onto the international scene it was his maverick hitting which made him a star. His signature stroke which is the helicopter shot has earned him accolades across the globe. It is definitely one of the toughest strokes to execute as the writs work is difficult to adapt but once the ball is connected appropriately it flies over the boundary.

Kevin Pietersen while featuring for Dolphins in the Ram SlamT20 Challenge against Cape Cobras in the semi-final of this year’s edition on Wednesday at Durban displayed Dhoni’s trademark helicopter shot. Wayne Parnell charged in and bowled a full toss at an awkward height which was difficult to get away with but Pietersen had other ideas in mind. He in no time went across and swung his bat like a helicopter only to see the ball sailing over square leg boundary for a six.

BreatheSport took it to their official Twitter handle where they uploaded the video and wrote, “Still can’t get over this ridiculous ‘helicopter shot’ by @KP24 in the #RamSlamT20”

Pietersen has been instrumental behind Dolphins’ successful run this season. His team will now take on Titans in the finals on Saturday and Pietersen will once again look to replicate his magic in the game that matters the most.