Video: When Virat Kohli appeals to the crowd to cheer for India instead of him

Virat Kohli is undoubtedly a star of the Indian cricket team, he has a massive fan following and people love him for the player he is. On Wednesday, India pulled off a nail-biting victory against Bangladesh to keep them alive in the tournament.

Things were pretty tensed when India took on the field, but the Indian crowd didn’t let their support go down even for a moment. They cheered them well and backed them in difficult times. In this video posted by VK18FanClub on Twitter, Kohli is seen appealing to the crowd to cheer for the team instead of him.

As soon as he comes towards the boundary, Kohli is being joyfully cheered by the fans but he asks them to cheer for India and clearly indicates towards his chest where India is printed. It’s a beautiful gesture by Kohli and he has certainly won billions of hearts with this move. As of now, all eyes are set on the high-voltage clash between India and Australia which would decide the fate on the hosts in the tournament.