Virat Kohli’s name in Gorakhpur voter’s list catches officials off-guard

Delhi resident Virat Kohli to vote in Gorakhpur Lok Sabha bypolls? This is what officials were left wondering after a voter list with Kohli’s image and details found its way to a voter. His picture is registered under Sahajanwa Assembly segment, with his voter number given as 822.  According to, booth-level officer Sunita Chaubey found out this error. An investigation has been launched into the mix up sub-divisional Magistrate Pankaj Srivastava.

The Lok Sabha bypolls is scheduled to be held in Gorakhpur on March 11. The identity number in the voter list is RHB2231801 and the voter serial number is 22.  Kohli has been rested from the ongoing Nidahas Trophy 2018 in Sri Lanka. Rohit Sharma is leading India against Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.