Viv Richards’s bat provides fitting reply to his sledger

Viv Richards did not have to say anything on the field! The determined look combined with his power was enough to put the opposition on alert. There was rarely any sign of vulnerability even if he struggled for a brief while.

However, when he played and missed a few times during a game against Glamorgan, the bowler Greg Thomas thought of having a go at Richards “It is round, it is red and it weighs five ounces.”

You cannot make that mistake! As expected, the next ball was sent into orbit by Richards, who then turned to Thomas and said, “You know what it looks like. Now go find it.”

Richards was amongst the most feared batsmen in the world. The opposition bowlers and fielders often refrained from a chat as that would only make Richards’s resolve stronger and channelize his aggression. Wonder what Thomas was thinking when he decided to sledge Richards! Perhaps the elation of beating a batsman of Richards’s caliber may have prompted that verbal volley. He did learn a very important lesson that day.