War out there! Furious Mitchell Johnson retorts to Australian journalist

After a disastrous performance by Australia in the Nottingham Test of 2015 Ashes, there has been a continuous criticism in the Kangaroo camp. Both in newspapers and social media, the Australian team have been mocked. The only positive was Michael Clarke’s announcement of retirement was met with emotions.

The Australian pace-man Mitchell Johnson, who is known for his lethal pace and fiery bouncers, got furious at an Australian journalist named Rebecca Wilson.

Wilson’s article was about how the presence of wives and girlfriends played a role in Australia’s debacle. Rebecca wrote, “Before you jump on the iPad and tell me I am a dinosaur, consider the fact that the cricketers’ families, their wives, girlfriends and kids, all travel with them the entire time they are away. Very few of us live and work with our partners, or spend every waking hour with them on work days. In a team sport, where the chemistry is vital for success, the spell has been broken by tours dominated by family time.”

She also mentioned of waking up to a pile of Instagram photographs of cricketers with their kids at training, the wives having dinner, etc. She also mentioned that there is never a picture of the team dining together.

Johnson, known for his bouncers, delivered some of them through his tweets and mentioning her article, advised the journalist to stick on to writing about games not anything else. Later, his wife too joined the conversation and added her opinions, adding fuel to fire.