Wasim Akram tweets about the Karachi horror

A day after escaping the shocking road rage incident in Karachi, former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram tweeted about the incident and thanked everyone for their love and support.

Akram, whose car was shot at near the national stadium in Karachi, spoke to media on Wednesday and was quoted as saying, “It was just an accident when I was coming to the stadium. There is lot of rush at this time and I was in the middle lane and a car hit my car from behind. I signalled the driver to come to the side but he tried to make a fool and tried to race off which irritated me a lot.”

Describing the horror incident further, Akram added, “I got a bit frustrated and chased that car and blocked it and while I was standing and arguing with the driver a person stepped out from the back seat holding a gun and pointed it at me. But since the traffic had stopped and people recognized me as Wasim Akram the man than lowered his gun and fired at my car which was very scary.”

Akram noted down the number of the car and immediately informed the police about the same but road rage of such intensity has left fans all over the world shocked.