What happened to the anaconda that bit Shane Warne? Ask Kumar Sangakkara

Former Australian cricketer Shane Warne loves to stay in the news. Be it for his own activities or someone else’s reaction on his activities, he somehow manages to catch the eyeballs. Recently, Warne hit the headlines after getting bitten by an anaconda on a television reality show “I’m a celebrity…Get me out of here”. Video: Shane Warne bitten by an Anaconda on a reality TV show

Looking back at that incident, former Sri Lankan cricketer Kumar Sangakkara poked the spin legend with his witty tweet that read, “It was rumored that @ShaneWarne was bitten by a snake during a dare on the show but don’t worry twitterverse the snake is absolutely fine.”

It seems like Sangakkara worries more about that anaconda than the former leggie from Australia. Both cricketers possess a very good sense of humour and both have been champion players for their respective nations. The camaraderie that they share even beyond their playing days is heartening to see.