What makes Virat Kohli fear ‘Bankruptcy’?

India’s star batsman Virat Kohli is currently the leading cricketer in terms of brand value. Be it on field or off the field, he has been successful everywhere and is on a roll. Kohli has given some unforgettable moments to the cricketing world.

Looking at his brand value, he is competing with Bollywood stars like Ranbir Kapoor because of his income from brand endorsements. Last year, he collected more than INR 100 crores and with his current form with his unstoppable performances, the number will surely see a huge hike in coming days. But still there is something which makes him worry and think about getting ‘Bankrupt’ in future.

As reported by GQ magazine, the 27-year-old sensation is currently worried about his future financial status and said, “I’ve begun to think about my future. About how to secure it. Money doesn’t motivate me, but it’s important. I’ve gotten accustomed to a certain financial environment. It’s important to sustain that. I’ve seen so many athletes go bankrupt at the end of their career. It’s scary.”