When a mom took on the cricket field after her son’s teammate failed to show up

How often do we get to hear an interesting instance like this? Well, very rare. Helen Smith, a 47 year-old took on the cricket field after her 14-year-old Luke’s teammate failed to show up. Helen escorted her son for Leigh Cricket Club’s third team prior to their clash against Highfield in the Liverpool and District Cricket Premier Division when she was approached by team members and asked if she could assist in some way. Also Read: Shane Warne does it again; now spotted kissing a blonde in London

Helen plays cricket for Leigh’s women’s team in no time rushed to her place and picked up her kit to accompany his son’s team on the field. Helen took the sport of cricket couple of years ago with intent to help her son in improving his game and technique.

Helen was quoted in a report from express.co.uk saying, “It was meant to be. I was supposed to be playing for the women’s team on the day of Luke’s game but I had to sacrifice that as his dad Neil was umpiring for the second team so I had to take Luke.”

She further added saying, “It turned out that they were a player short so Luke and his captain asked me to play. I never thought I would end up playing alongside my son in a proper game but a chain of events led to it happening. I have never heard of a mother and son playing together in a competitive game before and it seems that no-one else has either. It was really good to play with Luke and a very proud day for me. I will always remember it.” Also Read: Angry player kills umpire’s sister after he refuses to change decision in a local cricket match

She also spoke about her mental state while playing and said, “I was actually very emotional on the pitch thinking of my dad. He would have been so proud to see us playing together. It’s just a shame he couldn’t be there to watch.”

The match ended in a draw and on this club coach Tom McKiernan said, “I have been involved in cricket for 40 years and I have never heard of a mother and son combination.” Many fathers have taken great pride and pleasure in playing a competitive senior game in the same side as their son but not a mother.”

Geoff Higham, her counterpart said, “Helen had a great debut in very hot conditions. I am sure there will be no problem selecting her again.”