When entire Indian team was cheering “well bowled Zak” for Sreesanth

Zaheer Khan is undoubtedly one of the best fast bowlers in the history of Indian cricket, who lead India’s bowling for almost a decade and ruled with his clever bowling. Be it on a seaming track or on a proper batsman-friendly one, Zaheer always delivered and helped Indian cricket team win matches. Also Read: Six reasons why Zaheer Khan should be India’s bowling coach

He carries an enormous amount of experience in international cricket accumulated during his decade-and-a-half long career, which is full of interesting stories, especially about his clashes with former South African captain Graeme Smith. The South African side was one of the best teams in the world under Smith’s captaincy but he is said to be Zaheer’s bunny as the Indian pacer never had any worries taking his wicket throughout his career. Also Read: 10 Most significant spells from Zaheer Khan’s career

There is an interesting incident which once happened during an India-South Africa match and was revealed by famous humorist Vikram Sathaye in his own show — What the Duck when Zaheer visited there. The incident was about India’s tour of South Africa in December 2006, where Indian players were cheering for Zaheer irrespective of who was bowling. Sathaye said, “It was very funny on the 2006 tour. Me and Harsha Bhogle were sitting in the commentary box. By chance somebody had put up the stump microphone on. And it was at a very high level. And suddenly I was seeing Sreesanth bowling to Graeme Smith. In the slips they are saying, well bowled Zak! Well bowled Zak! And I am thinking Sreesanth is bowling, why ‘well bowled Zak.’ Okay, I said maybe I heard it wrong. Next over is Anil Kumble. Kumble is bowling to Smith. Come on, Zaheer ! Wonderful! And I said you guys are sledging to Smith so much. Unbelievable!”

Zaheer answered about that famous incident very gently and added, “it’s good to feel that kind of advantage over a batsman. Funny part was I didn’t have to do anything because all the thinking was done by him”

The Indian pacer retired last year in October 2015. In his career, Zaheer played against South Africa in 13 Tests and seven times during those matches he took the wicket of his favourite bunny Smith.