Why Chris Gayle’s “sex life” will be on pause!

Jamaican superstar Chris Gayle is afraid about his sex life as he tweeted saying, “My sex life will be on pauseit’s a good thing I put in the work before anyway, I’m bless so I will pull through. #Blessed #Love”

Gayle will be undergoing a back surgery later on Tuesday and will be out of action for few months. Gayle’s surgeon Dr James paid a visit to his hotel to give him a brief idea of the surgery. Gayle tweeted:

Another surgeon Dr Chin assured Gayle that he can be back on the field action in a month and will be fit to entertain his fan with his maverick approach with the bat. Gayle expressed his glee by tweeting:

Gayle’s former teammate Darren Ganga wished him by tweeting:

But Gayle had a not so pleasant reply in store for him. But that’s what you expect from him. He is a fantastic character and is well-known across the globe for his sense of humour. Fans and followers will be hoping to see the big Jamaican wielding his big willow as soon as possible. [Also Read: Chris Gayle googly bowls his girlfriend!]