Yearender 2015: Top 10 funny cricket moments in 2015

The year 2015 was no less than a festival for every cricket fan. Starting with the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, the year witnessed some great cricketing moments from disciplines of batting, bowling and fielding. It had its share of controversies and of course, there were many rib tickling moments. Abhishek Kumar pens down such 10 most memorable funny moments from this eventful cricketing year.

1. Darren Sammy’s hilarious diving

West Indies cricketers are probably the most sporting in cricketing world. Whether they lose or win, they enjoy their game and give some unforgettable moments during the course. On this occasion, it was the last ball of the 20th over of West Indies batting, Trent Boult bowled a fiery bouncer, in which Darren Sammy fell on the pitch while trying to duck. Sammy was taken by surprise as the ball did not rise enough to his anticipation. While lying at the pitch, Sammy gave a sporty smile at Boult and signalled him as if he had nearly killed him. Read more: Yearender 2015: 12 ‘firsts’ in cricket

2. Embarrassing moment for a female fan during Ashes match

It was the third day of second Ashes Test , 2015.  Australia were going pretty well with England calling upon the services of Joe Root the bowler. Root was called to provide a breakthrough, so that Australia may tumble. Well, that did not happen, but a lady spectator did, off the field. The wickets were not tumbling on Saturday but one spectator certainly did. All eyes were on one of the the beautiful women present in the crowd, as between the overs, the camera panned to her. As she walked down the stairs and approached her place, she did not realise that the seat was not open. Her unfortunate fall was caught on camera and was immediately broadcast on the bigscreen to thousands of cricket fans gathered at Lord’s. The tall brunette smiled and way back to her seat, little did she know that the camera was pointed directly at her the woman’s male reached his arm around her as she tries to sit down but she had forgotten to put her seat down and quickly crumbled to the floor. Her friends and spectators roars with laughter along with the on-field cricketers, especially Joe Root and David Warner.

3. Kieron Pollard’s tapes his mouth


Kieron Pollard is a whimsical cricketer like other other West Indian cricketers. In a game against Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) of 2015, Pollard taped his mouth when he was asked to keep his mouth shut by the umpire for sledging Chris Gayle. The act wasn’t well received but nevertheless it was funny to see a cricketer fielding with his mouth taped literally. Read more:Yearenders 2015: 22 best quotes from cricketers this year

4. Chris Gayle chases Yuvraj Singh with his bat raised

The RCB and Delhi Daredevils (DD) encounter promised to be an exciting one but unfortunately the rain marred the Bangalore game. The only entertainment came during the RCB innings and the players were leaving the field after the rain started. DD’s Yuvraj tried to play a prank on RCB’s Gayle and in return, the Windies giant chased the former with a raised bat. It seemed as if someone pulled the tail of a bull.


5. Yasir Shah loses his pants

It was probably one of the most embarrassing moments for Pakistani cricketer Yasir Shah, when he loses his pants while saving a boundary in the group match against South Africa. Off the fourth ball of the 27th over, Kyle Abbott get a tiny edge and the ball went racing towards the fine leg where Yasir dived and tried to save the boundary but in this course, he loses his pants and it was captured in the camera.


6. Kieron Pollard’s unusual celebration

During the first Twenty20 international between Sri Lanka and West Indies, Pollard pulled off a priceless reaction after dismissing Tilakaratne Dilshan. It was the fifth ball of the 12th over, Pollard bowled a clever slower delivery to Dilshan, in which the Lankan batsman totally gets deceived as he went for a sweep and lost his wicket. Pollard immediately made a gesture of a novel celebration. Turns around away from the batsman and appears to be reading an imaginary book. Read more: 2014 yearender: West Indies pull-out, N Srinivasan’s stand and other controversies

7. Misbah-ul-Haq trolls James Anderson with his attempted sweep

It was the third Test between Pakistan and England, when James Anderson at first slip tried to follow Misbah’s movement accordingly. But as soon as the ball came close to Misbah, he realized that the ball didn’t have enough pace on it and was moving away from him. He immediately changed his movement from sweep mode to a defensive shot by opening the face of the bat and placed it nicely towards the first slip. Both wicket-keeper Jos Buttler and slip fielder Anderson were deceived and had moved towards the fine leg are and Misbah earned some runs easily.

8. Oops, that hurts but look who is smiling

Joe Root reacts as captain Alastair Cook of England lays on the floor after being hit by the ball during day two of the 1st Investec Ashes Test match between England and Australia at SWALEC Stadium on July 9, 2015 in Cardiff (Image Courtesy: Getty Images)
Joe Root reacts as captain Alastair Cook of England lays on the floor after being hit by the ball during day two of the 1st Investec Ashes Test match between England and Australia at SWALEC Stadium on July 9, 2015 in Cardiff (Image Courtesy: Getty Images)

England were quite confident after posting a good total of 430 on board in the first Ashes Test at Cardiff. After that, James Anderson claimed the first wicket of David Warner with his sharp delivery which carried a nick from the batsman’s bat and captain Alastair Cook grabbed it. In the last ball of the same over, everything went almost similar but the only difference was that Cook was rolling in the grass with pain. Anderson got another edge — off Steven Smith’s bat — and the ball landed just short of Cook. The English captain copped a painful blow at a very sensitive spot, and had to leave the field for a very long duration. But as Cook lay writhing in pain, his deputy Joe Root had a wide grin as he was trying to make his captain feel a little better.

9. Beware of Joe Root

Currently, Root is the most notorious character in the English cricket team and never misses a chance to prank any player, whether he is senior or junior to him in the team. Ahead of the third Ashes Test, England team were practising and Root steadily came from behind a bowler and pulled his pants down. It was none other than Stuart Broad and he quickly covered himself and ran against the prankster. One can never be safe when Root is around, if you don’t believe, then ask Broad.

10. When Morne Morkel entertained the crowd

South Africa had already lost the Test series against India before playing the fourth match at Delhi but they never lost e their spirit. One such moment was witnessed during the fourth Test at Feroz Shah Kotla, when South African pacer, Morne Morkel was doing his best to entertain the crowd on their demand, as they started chanting Morkel! Morkel! Morkel!

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