One of  India’s biggest cricketers Yuvraj Singh was recently having interactive session with his fans through his official Twitter handle by responding to the fans’ tweets.

Most of the times in such interactive sessions, fans come up with normal questions but very few come up with interesting ones. During the session, Yuvraj came across one such question by a fan who probably did an insightful analysis before asking and question that isn’t England lucky for him? ALSO READ: Yuvraj Singh lashes out at Western Union for racist comments on Hazel Keech

The fan also added that he became star after NatWest Trophy win in 2002, then again by hitting six sixes in an over to an English bowler and now his fiancee — Hazel Keech is also from there.

Yuvraj replied to the fan very modestly and praised him for such question by agreeing the fact that England is lucky for him.

Apart from this, there was another interesting question from a fan who asked him to name that player with/against he wanted to play but couldn’t. Well, Yuvraj answered that he would like to play against everyone but always wanted to play with Ricky Ponting.