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Jose Mourniho (l) shakes hand with Pep Guardiola (r) © Getty Images (File Photo)

London: Newly-appointed Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho believes that reigniting his personal battle with his old nemesis Pep Guardiola, who was announced as the Manchester City boss, would be counterproductive to their attempts at winning the Premier League title. Mourinho and Guardiola are known for sharing a turbulent relationship when they were coaching two of the Spain’s footballing powerhouses, Real Madrid and Barcelona, respectively in the La Liga. While giving a lesson to post-graduates on football coaching in Lisbon, Mourinho observed that it would not make sense for either of them to focus on each other as that would pave way for someone else’s victory, the Guardian reported.

Mourinho replaced Louis van Gaal as the new manager of United by signing a three-year deal with the Old Trafford club last week.