Michel Platini © Getty Images
Michel Platini (above) might be replaced by Aleksander Ceferin © Getty Images

Moscow: The head of the Slovenian Football Association Aleksander Ceferin has formally entered the race to replace Michel Platini as president of UEFA and said the European football’s governing body needs to carry out reforms as the world governing body FIFA. “UEFA needs some reforms as FIFA. UEFA is a good organisation, we cannot say that UEFA is not a good organisation and that it needs a complete change,” Ceferin said on Wednesday, reports Tass. “But it needs many changes and I will tell more in the future. I have prepared some things but I think I have to speak to all the shareholders and adjust everything.”

He said he is planning to work closely with FIFA president Gianni Infantino. “I trust Gianni Infantino and his team and I know that he didn’t have much time to change things. He still has time, he’s there for a few months and I trust him completely and I think that UEFA should work closely with FIFA,” Ceferin said. “I know him (Infantino) very well and I am sure that we can co-operate great if I succeed. We still have elections, I will speak to every football association in Europe because I try to get support from as many as possible,” he added.