​IPL 2013 spot-fixing and betting controversy: N Srinivasan cannot stand for BCCI elections

This judgement is crucial because BCCI elections have been delayed for the judgement.

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N Srinivasan is seeking a third term as BCCI president © IANS
N Srinivasan is seeking a third term as BCCI president © IANS

04.52 PM: BCCI awaits the full judgement copy of the Honourable Supreme Court.


04:00 PM: No clarity yet on the participation Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings in IPL 2015


03:54 PM: The panel of the three former judges have been given six months to decide on the consequences and punishments.
— Bishan Bedi (@BishanBedi) January 22, 2015


03:35 PM: BIG NEWS: N Srinivasan cannot stand for elections to become the president of the BCCI. This is perhaps the biggest blow to him so far. The elections have to be held within six weeks.


03:28 PM: The BCCI will not be allowed to decide what course of action is to be taken against the franchises Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals. It is indicating towards an independent body. Justice Lodha, Justice Ravindran and Justice Bhan will be in that committee. This will be the judicial committee that will decide on the fate.



03:26 PM: About Sundar Raman, the Supreme Court is saying that the allegations need to be investigated more to be established.


03: 20 PM: Supreme Court is delving into the conflict of interest. It has said that it “looms large” when the official is a franchise owner.


03:15 PM: The controversial clause which allowed board officials to own franchises has been declared null and void by the Supreme Court. Though it initially said that the amendment was fine, it has been struck down in the view of the conflict of interest established here.


03:13 PM: Supreme Court has rejected N Srinivasan’s claims that he was the main owner of India Cements. The Supreme Court has called it misleading.


03:12 PM: Supreme Court is making observations about the bias against the Chennai Super Kings.


03:10 PM: Supreme Court says that by being the BCCI President, and with him already being the owner of the Chennai Super Kings, that only created a situation of conflict of interest.


03:00 PM: Times Now reports that the charges of cover-up against N Srinivasan have not been established. There is only “suspicion of cover up” says Supreme Court. Hence there is no prove. Amendment to clause 6.2.4 regarding administrators holding commercial interesting have been upheld by Supreme Court.


02:55 PM: Supreme Court has also said that the accusations were proved against Raj Kundra, by the Justice Mukul Mudgal-led committee. It has also said that Kundra was given a chance to be heard.


02:52 PM: You can read about some of the Supreme Court’s decisions here.


02:47 PM: Supreme Court has said that the BCCI can be subject to judicial review, reports Times Now. The channel has also reported that the Supreme Court says that the BCCI’s functions are “public functions.”


02:44 PM: Gurunath Meiyappan involved in betting, says Supreme Court. The court has also established that he and Raj Kundra were team officials of their respective franchises.


02:42 PM: We are expecting the verdict any time now. N Srinivasan would be awaiting his fate. Everything will be clear in a few minutes from now

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