Mitchell Starc
Mitchell Starc (AFP Photo)

An unimpressive Mitchell Starc has drawn the ire of former Australian international cricketers in the ongoing series opener Adelaide Test against India. On day four during India’s second innings, Starc took the new ball but sent down two wayward deliveries for four byes each and is two overs resulting in 17 runs before being taken off.

Two of Australia’s legendary pacers Glenn McGrath and Mitchell Johnson were critical of Starc’s form while commentating during the day’s play on Saturday.

McGrath, who took 563 wickets in 124 Tests, pointed out the lack of rhythm in Starc’s bowling and is run-up

“At the moment he just doesn’t seem to have that rhythm,” McGrath said on Seven [Australian broadcaster]. “If you’ve got good rhythm in your run-up, good intent running in and building up pace … a strong front arm and getting through the crease (you’re likely to be bowling well).

“I just think it’s got to do with his run-up firstly, and then when he gets to the crease he doesn’t have his normal rhythm. He’s probably leaning back a little and overstriding, and then you don’t get through the crease as well. We saw two balls where (he) dragged it down the leg side (and) went for four byes.”

The Test great advised the left-arm speedster to ‘relax and just bowl. “You know when you (don’t have) rhythm, it’s coming out poorly. He’s not using his run-up, he’s trying to do it all at the crease. And you’ve got to feel for him – when the confidence is down, you’ve just got to relax and trust in yourself that you haven’t forgotten how to bowl overnight. Just run in, relax and just bowl,” Mcgrath said.

On the other hand, Johnson wanted Starc to be more authoritative through his body language. “I just don’t like his body language,” Johnson said while doing commentary for ABC radio. “He hasn’t given a bit of a glare or puffed his chest out with a good follow through, let the batsman know he’s in the contest, that he’s going to rip the pegs out.”