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  • 9:13 AM IST

    Will the match end today in the first session itself? Or will Afghanistan show some fight and post a lead where they can hope for a miracle? Welcome to Day 3 of the one-off Test match between Afghanistan and West Indies. After bamboozling Afghanistan on Day 1 itself and then gaining a handy 90-run lead, West Indies bowled superbly in the second innings as well. Rahkeem Cornwall and Roston Chase have again been in the thick of things as both picked up 3-fers in the second innings. Afghanistan are currently reeling at 109/7 with a paltry lead of 19 runs. The question that pops up is with just 3 wickets in hand, how many more can Afghanistan add? West Indies, on the other hand, will look to wrap up the innings as soon as possible and then chase the total down in a flash and win the match. Stay tuned for all the action!

  • 9:01 AM IST

    … Day 3, session 1 …

  • 4:43 PM IST

    30 minutes? 60 minutes? One session? How long will the game last on Day 3? West Indies would be keen to wrap things up quickly in the morning while Afghanistan will hope that the lower order tries to get as many runs as possible. Will Cornwall get a 5-fer? Will Chase get, rather? Or neither? Uufff… too many questions. Head spinning. Let us do one thing. Let us shut shop for the night, take some rest and return on Friday morning at 9.30 am local (0400 GMT) for the final rites of this one-off Test. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

  • 4:40 PM IST

    Brooks says that getting to his maiden Test century is a great feeling. Mentions about his 50 against India and says this is a good feeling. Tells that he tried to keep Rashid out as much as possible and that helped him. On his return to cricket, Brooks says that he has worked hard to make a comeback to the West Indian side. Says that they had 5 wickets in sight (at the innings break) but now that they have got 7, they will try to finish the game off on the third day.

  • 4:39 PM IST

    The heroes of the day – Shamarh Brooks and Rahkeem Cornwall. The former lit the day with a fantastic century while the latter, after entering the record books on Wednesday evening, created another record by becoming the first West Indian spinner to take a 10-fer in the subcontinent! But it is not the big man down for an interview. It is Brooks now, who is giving his thoughts to Alistair Campbell.

  • 4:37 PM IST

    The day belonged to Shamarh Brooks, whose 111 helped West Indies take a lead of 90. Then, the spin twins took over. Not Cornwall and Warrican – but Cornwall and Chase. They shared 6 wickets between themselves and the Afghans had no clue whatsoever.

  • 4:35 PM IST

    Three times in the game, Afghanistan have lost a wicket at the stroke of a break – once before Lunch on Day 1, then before Tea on the same day and now, before Stumps. They have shown no gumption to stay in the middle and hence, are collapsing like a pack of cards. From 84/1 to 111/7 in the first innings and here, from 53/0 to 59/4 and again from 96/4 to 109/7. It is all about partnerships, something which they are yet to understand.

  • 4:33 PM IST

    Wo ho! What is this? A 2-and-something Test? 12 wickets on Day 1, 15 on Day 2! Afghanistan are in tatters, effectively 19/7 and in all likelihood, this is not going to last more than an hour on Friday.

  • 4:31 PM IST

    35.6 Roston Chase to Javed Ahmadi, out, OUT! CAUGHT! Well, perhaps Ahmadi should have continued counter-attacking! Because the moment he looks to defend, he nicks one. Where were you, Roston Chase, all this time? From the time he has come on to bowl, he has caused ripples. He has taken his 3rd in the 3 overs he has bowled so far. Coming onto the delivery, Chase tosses one up on the off stump, Ahmadi prods forward and looks to defend it. The ball spins away and takes the outside edge. It is low but Rahkeem Cornwall at first slip bends down and takes the catch in his bucket hands. With this, the umpires also call STUMPS ON DAY 2.

  • 4:30 PM IST

    35.5 Roston Chase to Javed Ahmadi, FOUR, FOUR! Oh dear… Ahmadi well, is playing like Shahid Afridi, or a Virender Sehwag, one would assume. Pardon us for the comparisons but the attitude is compelling us to do so. Just one ball is left for Stumps but Javed does not care. Gets a full flighted ball and goes hard over mid off. The result is a one-bounce boundary but why play these shots at this stage? Can’t the counter-attack be reserved for tomorrow?

  • 4:30 PM IST

    35.4 Roston Chase to Javed Ahmadi, FOUR, FOUR! Nice improvisation but pretty risky at this stage. With this being the last over of the day, are these shots needed? Loopy delivery on off, Ahmadi plays a reverse sweep towards third man for a boundary.

  • 4:29 PM IST

    35.3 Roston Chase to Javed Ahmadi, no run, Tossed up delivery on off, Ahmadi looks to guide but gets an inside edge onto the pads.

  • 4:29 PM IST

    This is where Jason Holder’s captaincy seems to be baffling. If he had used Roston Chase a bit more in the first innings, we might have had the game finished by now.

  • 4:29 PM IST

    35.2 Roston Chase to Javed Ahmadi, no run, Floated delivery on middle, Ahmadi defends it off the front foot.

  • 4:28 PM IST

    35.1 Roston Chase to Afsar Zazai, 1 run, Flighted delivery on middle, Zazai comes down the track and flicks it through mid-wicket. The batsmen take a single.

  • 4:27 PM IST

    34.6 Rahkeem Cornwall to Javed Ahmadi, no run, Tossed up on middle and leg, defended to short leg.

  • 4:27 PM IST

    34.5 Rahkeem Cornwall to Javed Ahmadi, no run, Full and on off, Ahmadi taps it back to the bowler.

  • 4:26 PM IST

    34.4 Rahkeem Cornwall to Javed Ahmadi, no run, Tossed up on off, defended to the off side.

  • 4:26 PM IST

    34.3 Rahkeem Cornwall to Afsar Zazai, 1 run, Tossed up on middle, pushed to long on for a run. 100 comes up for Afghanistan.

  • 4:25 PM IST

    34.2 Rahkeem Cornwall to Javed Ahmadi, 1 run, Outside off, Ahmadi sweeps it towards square leg for a single.

  • 4:25 PM IST

    34.1 Rahkeem Cornwall to Javed Ahmadi, no run, Dead ball signaled as the batsman did not offered shot to that one.

  • 4:24 PM IST

    33.6 Roston Chase to Afsar Zazai, no run, Defended off the back foot by the batsman.

  • 4:22 PM IST

    Afsar Zazai is the new man in.

  • 4:21 PM IST

    33.5 Roston Chase to Amir Hamza, out, OUT! CAUGHT! Boy, that is a sharp catch by Cornwall! And no reaction either! This time Hamza is not so lucky, after surviving a drop in the previous over. Flighted delivery on off, Hamza looks to drive but gets an outside edge on this one. It goes towards first slip where Rahkeem Cornwall just sticks out his right hand and voila, it sticks! The big man does not even care to celebrate, just throws the ball to the main umpire, as if it is a normal office routine. 8/6 now, are Afghanistan effectively.

  • 4:21 PM IST

    33.4 Roston Chase to Amir Hamza, no run, Floated delivery on off, Hamza taps it to point.

  • 4:20 PM IST

    33.3 Roston Chase to Amir Hamza, no run, Floated delivery on middle, Hamza defends it off the back foot.

  • 4:20 PM IST

    33.2 Roston Chase to Amir Hamza, no run, Flighted delivery on off, Hamza drives it to covers.

  • 4:20 PM IST

    33.1 Roston Chase to Amir Hamza, no run, Tossed up delivery on middle, Hamza defends it off the front foot.

  • 4:19 PM IST

    32.6 Rahkeem Cornwall to Amir Hamza, 1 run, Hamza pushes this tossed up delivery through covers for a single.

  • 4:18 PM IST

    32.5 Rahkeem Cornwall to Amir Hamza, no run, Tossed up on off, Hamza pushes it to covers.

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