India vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane refrained from making a comment on Dale Steyn’s recent comments on IPL in comparison with PSL admitting that he does not have a lot of knowledge about what the pacer said. Rahane in stark contrast to Steyn said that IPL provides a platform for talent to express themselves.

“See, I am here to talk about the fourth Test match and not here to talk about PSL or Sri Lanka Premier League. IPL gave us that platform to express ourselves and also to a lot of Indians and overseas players. I am not sure what Dale Steyn has said, I am here to talk about this Test match,” Rahane said as quoted by NDTV.

Earlier, Steyn stirred a furore on social media after his comments on IPL came to light. Steyn said that he pulled out of the IPL because other leagues are more rewarding.

“I have found that playing in other leagues was slightly more rewarding as a player,” Steyn said on a YouTube channel Cricket Pakistan.

Steyn said that in IPL the emphasis is on money and not cricket which gets forgotten.

“When you go to IPL, there are such big squads and there are so many big names and there’s so much emphasis on the amount of money that the players earn that sometimes, somewhere along the line the cricket gets forgotten,” he added.

Steyn was a part of Royal Challengers Bangalore last year. He was released ahead of the auction and then he decided not to feature at the auction.

In his prime, he has been a serial match-winner and has won matches for South Africa in the past on his own.