With India captain Virat Kohli facing flak for his poor form with the bat, former English cricketer and his ex-teammate at the Royal Challengers Bangalore Kevin Pietersen on Thursday has come out in his defence. Pietersen, who has seen him from a very young age said that he always knew Kohli was ”destined for greatness”.

“Sitting on the bus with Virat and batting with Virat, I knew he was destined for greatness because of how he approached the game and the way he learnt and the questions he asked,’ Pietersen told Betway.

KP, as he is popularly known, recalled an incident when he was winning a game for the Rajasthan Royals when Kohli ran him out and he gave the RCB skipper a mouthful while walking back to the dressing-room.

“I remember I was winning a game for us against Rajasthan Royals and he ran me out. I gave him an absolute serve walking off the field,” said Pietersen.

KP also took the credit for guiding Kohli during his growing up years. He also spoke about his determination of not giving his wicket away, no matter what.

“But you could see this was a youngster who was determined to get his team over the line,” the South African-born, who played for England for a decade between 2004 and 2014, said. Kevin Pietersen also patted on his own back for having guided Kohli at the beginning of his career when they played together for the RCB.

“He wasn’t just going to give his wicket away and it didn’t matter how many Tests I’d played or how much more senior I was. We do have an incredible friendship, probably because of the way I treated him when he was a youngster and how I helped and guided him at the start of his career,” the 39-year-old added.