Andrew Strauss warns of potential dangers in forcing Kevin Pietersen's comeback for Ashes

Andrew Strauss felt that Kevin Pietersen’s value on the field should not be given more prominence over team morale © Getty Images

Sydney: June 11, 2013

Former England captain Andrew Strauss has warned that there are potential dangers in rushing Kevin Pietersen back for the Ashes, despite the star batsman on track to be fit for the first Test at Trent Bridge.

Pietersen, who was last summer sensationally dropped for sending offensive text messages about teammates to rival South African players, was later recalled for a series in New Zealand and is now set to get two county games before the first Test against Australia, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

According to Strauss, Pietersen, who is returning from his latest setback, a knee injury, should only play if England is comfortable that their dressing room will remain tight, adding that the player is a key for England, but not at the expense of team morale, citing the fallout from Australia’s ”homeworkgate” fiasco as an example.

“Given what’s gone on, it’s an important factor to think about because my experience over 15 years of cricket is that if things are not right in the dressing room, it affects how people play.

“We’ve seen over the winter at times how Australia haven’t had things right in their dressing room, and I think it’s very naive to turn a blind eye to that and say, ‘it’ll be fine. Because it never is,” said Strauss.

Stating that Pietersen is a world-class player, Strauss said that he is one of the few cricketers whom the Australians genuinely fear, although he added that he must be completely recovered from his injuries and the team must ensure that everything is going smoothly in the dressing room for Pietersen to make a comeback for the Ashes.

Pietersen is reportedly set to play his match of the summer on June 21 for Surrey against Yorkshire and if that’s the case he will have two first-class matches before the Ashes start, the report added.

(With inputs from ANI)