Anurag Thakur said BCCI is ready to accept DRS if the system is near perfect    IANS
Anurag Thakur said BCCI is ready to accept DRS if the system is near perfect IANS

Kolkata: The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) chief Anurag Thakur today indicated that the Board is open to implementing the controversial Decision Review System (DRS) provided the technology reaches close to the level of perfection. Stressing that they are ‘not unwilling’ to implement DRS, Thakur said he would take the issue forward at the ICC’s quarterly CEC meeting at Capetown from October 9-13. “We will again look at the performance of the DRS. If it’s satisfactory, BCCI is open to use the DRS. We are hosting 13 Tests at home this season, then why not? It all depends on the feedback and the outcome of the latest trials on DRS,” Thakur told media at an informal interaction on the sidelines of the second Test between India and New Zealand. Full Cricket Scorecard, India Vs New Zealand 2nd Test at Kolkata

“In the digital age of 21st century, there’s nothing which is stopping us to use the technology. We believe in that. We want to be close to perfection if not perfect.” He further said India head coach Anil Kumble, who is the chairman of ICC cricket committee, said was looking into it matter. “We want to make it foolproof (DRS), that’s the idea. We have Kumble who represents in the cricket committee and he’s the coach he can discuss with (skipper) Virat Kohli and can put the suggestions forward. If umpires are getting 95-97 percent of the decisions and the same the with DRS then what’s the change? So the only issue is if not 100 per cent then how better we can do than the field umpires.

“BCCI is open to the DRS. But is the technology 100 percent foolproof? There were shortcomings. We have told the cricket committee in ICC too look into the DRS and the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) was supposed to give a report.”

Thakur cited the example of the ICC’s annual conference in Edinburgh where they could not come to a conclusion whether they were fully satisfied wit the DRS technology. “In the CEC meeting of ICC in Edinburgh, even the ICC said they need more time. BCCI is always open about reforms if you see the last 18 months.”

Kohli, on the eve of the second Test, had given a strong indication that India would start using the DRS in the future. No other team barring India opposes DRS. In ICC 50-over tournaments, India are forced to use DRS, but that uniformity does not extend to Tests because they are seen as bilateral arrangements.