Amid the lockdown in the United Kingdom to stop the spread of the coronavirus, English pacer Mark Wood on Wednesday said the pandemic has “burst the bubble” that sportspersons exist in.

Feeling sportspersons are lucky as they get paid for doing what they love, Wood said he was anxious about the health of his family and friends, who work at the National Health Service.

“There are times when professional sportsmen and women exist in our own bubble. Yes, we work incredibly hard, but there”s no escaping the fact that we are privileged to get paid for doing something we love,” said Wood in his column for the BBC.

“The coronavirus crisis has burst that bubble. Instead of thinking about fitness, performance or the next match, our concerns are exactly the same as everyone else’s.”

“I’ve got friends who work in the NHS and it”s so sad to hear what they are going through, along with all the stress that is being put on hospitals.

“Just because I play cricket for England doesn’t make me immune from the challenges the whole country is facing.

“I’ve queued up outside the supermarket and I’ve shaved my head because I”m not sure when I’ll next be able to get a haircut.”

Over 50,000 have been infected by the coronavirus in the United Kingdom, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Over 6000 have died from the disease as well in the country.

(With IANS inputs)