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Asad Rauf was dropped from the ICC Champions Trophy following the probe on him in the spot-fixing scandal © Getty Images

Mumbai: May 28, 2013

Pakistani umpire Asad Rauf may have passed on information to bookies in India about the pitch and weather conditions ahead of international cricket matches, Mumbai Police sources said on Monday.

According to some sources in the Crime Branch, arrested Bollywood actor Vindoo Dara Singh has told the interrogators that Rauf gave crucial match information to bookies Pawan and Sanjay Jaipur.

A Mumbai Police source said, “Vindoo has said that apart from IPL matches, it was important for the bookies to have someone who could tip them off about pitch conditions and weather conditions for international matches played outside India, so that bets could be placed on the overseas matches accordingly. He has claimed that Rauf used to pass on such information to the Jaipur brothers Pawan and Sanjay,” as reported by Indian Express.

“We are probing this angle as part of our investigation, but the custodial interrogation of the Jaipur brothers or Rauf would have been crucial to get to the bottom of this. Whether Rauf took any wrong decisions to influence the outcome of any matches is also being probed,” the source added.

According to the Crime Branch, Vindoo had helped Pawan and Sanjay flee to Dubai on May 16. The actor allegedly drove them to the Mumbai airport in his car.

Rauf also left the country abruptly on May 17 after he was allegedly tipped off by Vindoo.

The Crime Branch seized two bags from the Delhi airport cargo which contain expensive jeans, watches, shirts and shoes. According to the police, these are the gifts that were allegedly sent to Rauf by Pawan Jaipur.

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