Mahmudullah Bangladesh UAE Asia Cup 2018
Mahmudullah Getty Images (file photo)

Bangladesh have arrived in UAE to practice ahead of the 2018 Asia Cup. Mahmudullah talked to Sri Lanka Cricket ahead of one of the practice sessions in Dubai. When asked what he expects from the tournament, Mahmudullah said: It always feels good to contribute to the team if the team is winning it feels even better. I will try to keep it simple and try and contribute as much as I can. To be honest I think all the teams are playing very good cricket at the moment, every team is very important and we can t afford to be relaxed, and we need to take it game by game so that we can do well in the first stage.

He also spoke about previous encounters between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka: I think we have got some good past memories against Sri Lanka from a few months back, but Sri Lanka is a very good team, and they are playing very good cricket and we have to be at our best to beat them. We have been preparing quite well back at home, so hopefully we can deliver.

He explained how Bangladesh are adapting to the local conditions: At the moment it is quite humid, but as professional players we have to be able to adapt to conditions and embrace the situation that comes our way and we have to take it further on a positive note.

On the crowd support, he said: Hopefully we are going to get a really good crowd here because plenty of Bangladeshis live here, and we hope they will come out and support us and we hope to deliver some good results for them.