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The final approval for restructuring the ACC will be given at the ICC meetings © Getty Images (Representation photo)

Karachi: As part of a restructuring process, the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) will relocate its headquarters from Malaysia to Singapore, a senior official of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said.

The final approval for restructuring the ACC will be given at the meetings of the ICC starting this weekend in Dubai. “As part of the restructuring process the ACC headquarters will be moved to Singapore for some taxation laws reasons,” he said.

Secondly he said since the ICC would now be looking after all development work of the ACC, the workforce of the Asian body would be reduced significantly. “If there are now 20 staffers these will be reduced by more half while some former players among these staffers will be given other coaching assignments by the ICC as part of the development projects,” the official said.

He said the restricting of the ACC had been discussed for a while now and a final decision taken which would be ratified at the ICC board meeting. He said the ACC would also hold its meeting in Dubai. Asked about the future of long serving chief executive of the ACC, Ashraful Haq, the PCB official said he was unlikely to be retained in the restructured ACC set-up.

He said since the ICC provided funds for the development and staffing of the ACC it was felt it should directly supervise things. Asked if the issue of appointing a new president of the ICC was on the agenda, the official said it would be discussed. The ICC president’s position has fallen vacant after the resignation of Mustafa Kamal of Bangladesh who resigned after the World Cup after a row with ICC officials over a statement he made after the India-Bangladesh match.

Although Pakistan’s Najam Sethi is set to take over as the new president in June, the PCB official said the ICC could discuss three options in this regard. “Bangladesh can constitutionally nominate another candidate to replace Kamal till June or it could forego its right to have its candidate as the president,” he explained.

PCB will be represented by its chairman Shaharyar Khan, Najam Sethi and chief operating officer Subhan Ahmad at the ICC meetings.