Aslam Sher Khan slams controversy over Sachin Tendulkar's Rajya Sabha nomination

Earlier Sachin Tendulkar’s Rajya Sabha nomination evoked mixed reactions from different quarters AFP

Bhopal: Apr 30, 2012

Hockey Olympian Aslam Sher Khan on Monday said there was no need to create a controversy over the Sachin Tendulkar’s nomination to the Rajya Sabha.

Khan said Tendulkar had reached the age of 39 and he cannot be playing cricket for a long time now.

Under such circumstances, it would be natural for the iconic batsman to think of something that he could do after quitting cricket, he said.

Khan said that Tendulkar by agreeing to become a nominated member of Rajya Sabha, had done nothing wrong.

Mixed reactions have come to news that Tendulkar would soon be a Member of Parliament.

Khan said politics was a serious field in which one could get entry easily but one has to work hard to stay in it. (PTI)