Australia Test captain Tim Paine was blissfully unaware of him being robbed as he was setting up a home gym during the ongoing self-isolation as the thieves took away his wallet and other things from his car parked on a street outside his residence in Hobart.

Paine, who has plans to work on improving cover drive, received a text about some activity on his credit card which prompted him to check on his car. The door of the car, parked outside due to his work in the garage, was open.

“I’ve actually just turned the garage into a bit of a home gym and I want to hang the (stocking) off the bit where the garage door opens,” he told SEN Breakfast.

“I figured if I can, I can work on my cover drive while I’m at it, but I’ve actually hit a bit of a snag today because I moved the car out onto the street only to wake up this morning to a text from NAB saying my credit card has been used. I went out and the (car) door was open and my wallet and a few other things had gone.”

Paine revealed the thieves straightway went to a McDonald’s where they swiped the stolen credit-card to pay for their meals. “Actually looking at my account, the boys went straight to Maccas the boys must have been hungry,” he said.

However, something good came out of the incident.

“Since that went on radio, I’ve had a message from (sponsor) Kookaburra and they’re going to send me some balls on a string that I can hook up in the garage and start training,” he said.

The Australian cricketers, like the rest of the world, are on a forced-break with international calendar wiped clean due to the coronavirus pandemic. While Paine is facing no troubles being at home, he’s unsure about his more energetic teammates.

“Steve Smith, David Warner guys like that, they’re high energy, they love to train so this would be a real eye opener for them,” he said. “I think (Smith) is doing a 10km run every day so hopefully he doesn’t come back as a skeleton. But him and Marnus (Labuschagne) and Davey are probably the three I worry about. They don’t like sitting still, and Steve and Marnus don’t like not batting for too long. And Davey he literally can’t sit still.”

He continued, “Davey has got a home gym so he will be in there literally 24/7 and Steve and Marnus would have some kind of contraption where they’re hitting balls, or they’ve got their wives are feeding them balls because there’s no way those two are going a week without batting.”