Australia vs England Live Cricket Score, Ashes 2013-14 1st Test Day 2: Australia begin solidly

David Warner was unbeaten on 45 at the end of Day Two at the Gabba © Getty Images

Nov 22, 2013

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Aus 65/0 | Overs 22 | Rogers 15*, Warner 45*

Joe Root has been brought into the attack. He bowls a maiden over to Rogers, who has not scored a single run for a while now. Warner then slog sweeps Swann for a four towards deep mid-wicket. The field is spread out for Warner. Root bowls to Warner and he comes down the track and drives towards cover for a single. Warner cut a short ball from Swann to get another three through point.

Stumps have been taken as Australia are at 65 for no loss in their second innings. They lead England by 224 runs.

Aus 51/0 | Overs 17 | Rogers 12*, Warner 34*

Although the boundaries have not been easy to come by, the Australian openers are running quite well between the wickets. Warner has already got a couple of threes so far. The lead has gone above the 200-run mark. Graeme Swann comes into the attack. England need him to get them wickets. Nathan Lyon got the ball to turn a bit and bounce. Swann is considered to be the best spinner in the world at the moment and he needs to turn on the style.

Warner is coming down the track to negate any spin that Swann might generate. The 50 is up for Australia.

Aus 39/0 | Overs 12 | Rogers 12*, Warner 22*

Alastair Cook has now brought Chris Tremlett into the attack. Warner slaps the first ball he faces off Tremlett for a two in front of point. Tremlett bowls a short and wide delivery to Rogers and the batsman frees his arms and cuts the ball through the gully region for his first four of the innings. Tremlett then bowls a very good delivery that moved away from Rogers after pitching on a good length. But the ball took a deflection off the pads rather than the bat and went to Prior behind the wickets.

Aus 28/0 | Overs 8 | Rogers 5*, Warner 19*

Rogers has been quite tentative and has hogged the batting a lot without scoring many runs. Warner was scored at a brisk pace, but has only one four. The ball is swinging a little and that is making sure that Rogers does not score freely. Broad bowls one short to Warner and it is quite close to the batsman. But Warner manages to play the lofted cut shot and gets a four towards the gully region.

Aus 11/0 | Overs 4 | Rogers 2*, Warner 9*

Chris Rogers and David Warner open the innings for Australia. James Anderson begins proceedings with the new ball. Rogers gets off the mark with a single towards covers. Warner then flays a wide delivery for a four on the off side. Stuart Broad shares the new ball with Anderson.



Eng 136 | Overs 52.4 | Anderson 2* | OUT! Broad 32 (45)

Siddle has been brought back and he too bowls a short delivery at Broad, who thumps it on the leg side for a four. Lyon is now bowling from the other end. Siddle then bowls another bouncer at Broad. This time he slaps it away on the leg side in-between deep square-leg and long-leg. Siddle follows it up with another quick short ball. Broad goes for the pull but does not connect properly. Chris Rogers runs in from deep square-leg and takes a fantastic catch diving to the ground.

England have been bowled out for 136 and they trail Australia by a massive 159 runs in a low-scoring match.

Eng 122/9 | Overs 50 | Broad 20*, Anderson 0* | Tremlett 9 (27)

The quick bowlers are now just peppering the batsmen with short deliveries. Tremlett if very tall and it might not be as easy to duck underneath some of these well-directed bouncers. Eventually, the trick pays off. Harris bowls one at Tremlett’s rib cage and the batsman tries to fend it off, but spoons a catch to Lyon at leg-slip. Lyon over estimated the flight of the ball and was out of balance, but reached out to grab the ball just before it bounced.

Harris then bowls a bouncer at next batsman James Anderson, but it is high and fast and Haddin has no way to stop it. The ball races away for a four down the leg side for byes. Broad then gloves a bouncer from Johnson, but the ball drops short of the bowler. Broad has taken the onus upon himself to take England forward. He is looking for twos and is taking ones near the end of the overs.

Eng 108/8 | Overs 46 | Broad 12*, Tremlett 7*

It has been slow going by the England batsmen, but Australia look like they have got carried away with their performance. They are not targeting the stumps and are bowling short and aiming for the rib cage. Broad then glances one down fine-leg for a four off Johnson. One delivery later, Johnson bowls a bouncer and Broad gets hit on the helmet. He is fine and he immediately looks back at Johnson. Harris is taking cue from Johnson and is bowling from round the wicket to the right-handed Tremlett. In all this, England have avoided the follow-on.

Eng 94/8 | Overs 42 | Broad 4*, Tremlett 1* | Root 2 (7), Swann 0 (5)

It is wickets galore at The Gabba. Johnson bowls one wide of off-stump and Root goes for the drive, but is slightly late to it and edges it to Smith at third slip. Graeme Swann is the next batsman. Lyon is getting the ball to spin quite a bit now. Swann inside edges one onto his pad and Bailey takes the catch at forward short-leg. That is Johnson’s fourth wicket in the innings so far. So, after being wayward early on, he has come back strongly.

So, tea has been taken and England are at 94 for eight. They trail Australia by 201 runs.




Eng 87/6 | Overs 38 | Root 0*, Broad 0* | Carberry 40 (113), Bell 5 (16), Prior 0 (1)

Johnson has been brought back. The things is that Carberry has not looked comfortable against off-spinner Lyon. He has looked better against Johnson. But the left-arm fast bowler is bowling from round the wicket to the left-hand batsman. Johnson has made Carberry uncomfortable with this ploy. He then digs one in and Carberry tries to take the bat away, but the ball is too quick and finds the edge of the bat. Shane Watson takes the catch at first slip. Carberry was kept very quiet for the last few overs and Australia got the breakthrough they wanted.

Joe Root is the next man in. But Lyon strikes as he dismisses Bell. The ball pitched on middle-stump from round the wicket and got a bit of extra bounce. Bell got an inside edge onto his thigh pad and the ball lobbed up in the air and Steven Smith took the catch at forward short-leg.

Lyon strikes next ball as Matt Prior also edges one onto his thigh pad and Smith takes the catch. The umpire said not out, but upon replay the decision was reversed. Stuart Broad leaves the hat-trick ball alone as it is wide of off-stump.

Eng 84/3 | Overs 34 | Carberry 40*, Bell 2* | OUT! Pietersen 18 (42)

Nathan Lyon has been brought into the attack by Clarke. The off-spinner gets some immediately and beats Carberry a few times. Pietersen, who has been flicking quite well, finds George Bailey at mid-wicket. The ball from Harris was on the pads and Pietersen leaned forward and flicked the ball hard on the leg side, but it went straight to Bailey, who took a sharp catch. Pietersen probably wanted to hit it a lot square on the leg side, but could not roll his bat around the ball enough.

Ian Bell is the next batsman. Bell was the leading run-scorer in the last Ashes series. He gets off the mark with a flick off the back-foot towards the mid-wicket region.

Eng 80/2 | Overs 28 | Carberry 39*, Pietersen 17*

Siddle bowls a maiden over to Pietersen. Clearly Siddle is finding the line and length that can keep the batsmen quiet. Johnson has been expensive and bowled a lot of deliveries down the leg side. Siddle then bowls a fuller delivery to Pietersen and the batsman hits it straight back to the bowler. The ball comes at an awkward height near the chest region and Siddle drops a tough chance. He went with both hands, but could not hold onto it.

Pietersen is flicking superbly. Although he is not getting the boundaries, because the ground is quite big, he is getting some easy runs as the Australian bowlers are bowling on his pads.


Eng 66/2 | Overs 22 | Carberry 36*, Pietersen 6*

Welcome back. Kevin Pietersen walks out to bat playing his 100th Test for England. Johnson tests Pietersen with some fast and short stuff. One just goes over Pietersen’s bat as he tries to pull. He gets off the mark with a push on the off side. Johnson then bowls one short of a length, but a lot straighter and Pietersen pulls behind square on the leg side. There are two fielders in the deep, but Pietersen finds the gap and gets his first four of the innings.

Carberry then opens the face of the bat slightly to a full delivery from Johnson and gets a four in-between second slip and gully.





Eng 55/2 | Overs 17.1 | Carberry 31* | OUT! Trott 10 (19)

Carberry gets another four down the fine-leg region as Johnson bowls another delivery at his hips. Clarke had just removed the leg-slip from there, but it would have gone to the fence nonetheless. Johnson then gets the crowd going with a bouncer that surprises Trott. The batsman is lucky that the ball does not fly off the gloves. Johnson is bowling too many deliveries down the leg side to either batsmen.

Australia struck of the first ball of the final over before lunch. Johnson bowled one short and Trott edged it to Haddin behind the wickets. That is Haddin’s 200th dismissal as a wicketkeeper in Tests. England’s innings is at 55 for two.

Eng 38/1 | Overs 12 | Carberry 20*, Trott 4* | OUT! Cook 13 (30)

Johnson’s ineffectiveness leads Michael Clarke to bring a change immediately. Peter Siddle replaces him after only three overs. Interesting field set by Clarke. There are three slips and two gullies. Immediately Siddle brings the scoring back into check.

Harris then strikes as Cook edges one to Brad Haddin behind the wickets. The ball pitched on a good length and moved slightly away from Cook. That was enough for the edge. There was no feet movement from Cook as well. He was stuck in his crease. Jonathan Trott is the next batsman. Trott opens his account with a four towards mid-wicket. The ball from Harris was drifting down the leg side and Trott leaned to his right and worked it away on the leg side.

Johnson has been brought back into the attack. He bowls one on the hips to Carberry and the batsman works it away for a four down the fine-leg region.


Eng 22/0 | Overs 6 | Cook 10*, Carberry 11*

Alastair Cook and Michael Carberry open the batting for England. For those who do not know, Carberry is a left-handed batsman just like his captain Cook. Ryan Harris opens the bowling for Australia. He is a right-arm fast bowler. He was also Australia’s leading wicket-taker from the previous Ashes series in England. Cook gets a leg-bye off the first delivery. Carberry pushes the first ball he faces down the ground for two.

Mitchell Johnson shares the new ball with Harris. The left-arm fast bowler has already bowled the fastest ball of the match. Expect more quick stuff from the 2009 ICC World Player of the Year. Johnson bowls one full and slightly down the leg side and Cook gets enough on it as it races away for the first four of the innings down fine-leg. Johnson then bowls a bouncer and Cook pulls hard in front of mid-wicket and gets another four.

Johnson then bowls a beautiful away swinger to Carberry and beats the bat. He then bowls one short and Carberry flashes hard and guides the ball for a four over the slip cordon.



Aus 295 | Overs 97.1 | Lyon 1* | OUT! Haddinn 94

The wicket of Harris has not stopped Haddin from playing his shots. Broad bowls a bouncer, but Haddin reads it early and pulls in front of mid-wicket very hard. The ball races away for the first four of the day. But Haddin is run out six short of a well-deserved century. He pushed a delivery from Anderson towards point and set off for two runs. But Michael Carberry, running in from deep point, picked the ball up cleanly and threw to Prior at the striker’s end. The wicketkeeper collected it high towards his right and without looking at the stumps, clips the bails.

Australia’s first innings ends at 295. Broad gets a mix of boos and applause as he leads the England team into the dressing room.

Aus 289/9 | Overs 96 | Haddin 88*, Lyon 1* | OUT! Harris 9 (17)

The day begins well for Australia with both Brad Haddin and Ryan Harris getting the ones and twos easily. But just as the batsmen look comfortable, England strike. Harris is slow in taking his bat out of the way to a length ball and edges it to Matt Prior to give Stuart Broad his sixth wicket of the innings. Nathan Lyon is the next and eleventh batsman. Alastair Cook is keeping a very attacking field. He wants that 10th wicket.




Hello I am Shrikant Shankar and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of Day Two of the first Ashes 2013-14 Test in Brisbane at the Gabba. Australia won the toss on Day One and elected to bat first. Stuart Broad starred with the ball for England as he took five wickets to leave Australia at 273 for eight. Brad Haddin is batting on 78 and he got good support from Mitchell Johnson, who was dismissed for 64. David Warner scored 49.

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