Australia vs England Live Cricket Score, Ashes 2013-14 1st Test Day 3: Michael Carberry bowled by Ryan Harris

Michael Carberry was out for a duck © Getty Images

Nov 23, 2013

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Eng 24/2 | Overs 15 | Cook 11*, Pietersen 3*

Cook and Pietersen are defending almost every single delivery now. Stumps have been taken on Day Three and England are at 24 for two. Cook is batting on 11 and Pietersen is on three. They need another 537 runs to win. Highly unlikely for them to pull this off. Australia need eight wickets to win and they have two full days left. Highly likely for Clarke’s team to go 1-0 up.

Eng 19/2 | Overs 10 | Cook 8*, Pietersen 1* | OUT! Trott 9 (9)

Trott gets one down the leg side on a back of a length from Johnson and he hops to the off side to play a hook for a four towards the fine-leg region. Trott needs to be careful here as that is the same channel that got him out in the first innings. He falls immediately as another short delivery from Johnson is pulled by Trott. The ball goes straight to Nathan Lyon at deep square-leg. Poor shot selection from Trott. He has been set up far too often in the last few Test matches.

Kevin Pietersen walks out into the middle. He drops it on the off-side and takes off. Cook has to dive like Superman to get into the crease at the striker’s end. But he is lucky as David Warner’s throw is accurate, but George Bailey clips one bail off before collecting the ball. That is enough for Cook to make his ground. Don’t understand why England would go for such a single when they have already lost two wickets.


Eng 4/1 | Overs 5 | Cook 0*, Trott 3* | OUT! Carberry 0 (14)

Alastair Cook and Michael Carberry have walked out to the middle. England need their opening combination to remain unbeaten at stumps. Ryan Harris bowls a quick first over. There is some bounce generated by the right-arm fast bowler. Mitchell Johnson bowls the second over to Carberry and it is a maiden. The first run on the board is through a leg-bye. Harris then bowls a fantastic away swinger and Carberry is beaten.

Australia get the breakthrough they wanted. Slightly lucky as well. Harris bowls a back of a length delivery and Carberry defends the ball. But the ball trickles down underneath the bat and in-between his legs and clips the stumps as the bails fall. Jonathan Trott is the new man in and he gets off the mark with a push through mid-wicket.


Aus 401/7 | Overs 94 | Johnson 39*, Siddle 4* | OUT! Haddin 53 (55)

Haddin has reached his second half-century of the match. An enterprising innings from Australia’s wicketkeeper-batsman. He saved Australia’s first innings with an important 94 and now he has taken the game further away from England. A sure candidate for the Man of the Match award. Another candidate is Johnson and he slog sweeps Swann for a four towards the deep mid-wicket region. That actually could have been out. Carberry misjudges the flight and runs far too infield as the ball just bounces in front of the boundary line.

Haddin then hits one straight to Anderson at mid-off to hand Tremlett his third wicket of the innings. Peter Siddle is the new man and he chips one over the mid-on fielder to get off the mark with a four. Clarke declares the innings with Australia’s score at 401 for seven. The target for England is 561. That is a lot!

Aus 381/6 | Overs 90 | Haddin 48*, Johnson 30*

Broad bowls a few bouncers to Johnson, but the left-hander is actually quite good with the bat and manages to fend it off with relative ease. Tremlett now comes in and he too bowls one short, but Johnson slaps it over the bowler’s head with a cross-batted shot for a two. He then swats one through mid-wicket for another two. Johnson then hits one straight down the ground for a four off Tremlett. Next ball he does the same, but only gets two runs.

Johnson, who is known for brute hitting, plays a delicate sweep off Swann that races away for a four down the fine-leg region. Next over, he actually shows his power hitting as he hits hard against the angle off Tremlett and gets a four towards the long-on region. The ball was in the air for a long time, but in the gap as well. The lead after 90 overs is 540 runs.


Aus 343/6 | Overs 85 | Haddin 41*, Johnson 3*

Australia’s massive lead has allowed Haddin to just throw his bat at everything. Anderson gets pummelled for three fours in one over. The first is a thick top edge over the gully region as Haddin attempts the cut shot. The second is also similar as the ball flies over second slip. Anderson, not happy with the boundaries, digs one in short and Haddin pulls through mid-wicket. Broad also bowls one short and Haddin pulls again and gets another four.

Both Anderson and Broad are now bowling what is called chin music. They received the same from Johnson and Ryan Harris when they were batting. Only thing is that Johnson, in particular, bowled a lot quicker. Haddin goes after a bouncer and gets a thick outside and the ball goes over and wide of Prior for a four towards fine-leg.

Aus 310/6 | Overs 80 | Haddin 11*, Johnson 0* | OUT! Bailey 34 (60)

Swann strikes again. He bowls from round the wicket and pitches the ball at middle-stump. Bailey leans forward and defends with a straight bat playing for the spin. The ball moves straight and hits the stumps. Mitchell Johnson walks out to bat.

Aus 299/5 | Overs 77 | Bailey 33*, Haddin 1*

A few more runs are added in the next couple of overs as tea has been taken. Australia’s score is at 299 for five after 77 overs. They lead England with a massive 458-run margin. Bailey is batting on 33 and Haddin is on one.

Aus 294/5 | Overs 75 | Bailey 29*, Haddin 0* OUT! Clarke 113 (130)

Swann is getting the ball to spin a bit now, but the batsmen are well-set and they are able to cope with the turn. Swann then gets his first wicket of the match as Clarke comes down the track and misses with a big heave. The ball crashes onto the stumps. Clarke walks back to a standing ovation. Brad Haddin is the new man in.



Aus 278/4 | Overs 70 | Clarke 105*, Bailey 21*

Bailey smashes Swann over mid-on for his second six. Clarke then cuts Root to get three runs and move to 99. Bailey then bowls one on the leg side and Bailey gets an inside edge and Ian Bell drops the catch at forward short-leg. He looked surprised more than anything else.

Clarke gets to his 25th century with a two towards square-leg off Root. The crowd erupt with loud cheers as they recognise that this innings has all but taken the match away from England.

Aus 255/4 | Overs 66 | Clarke 93*, Bailey 10*

The scoring has slowed down for now. Bailey has hogged the strike so far, but Clarke is taking it a little cautiously. A collapse here could give England momentum, despite them being well and truly second best. This changes as Bailey comes down the track and pulls a Root full-toss over the deep mid-wicket region for a six. He then charges again, but inside edges it. The ball bounces over the stumps and away from Prior as Bailey is out of his crease.


Aus 243/4 | Overs 62 | Clarke 90*, Bailey 1* | OUT! Warner 124 (154), Smith 0 (7)

Warner slams Broad with a lofted shot down the ground for a six. But Broad has the last laugh as a back of a length delivery finds the edge of Warner’s bat and Prior takes a routine catch. Warner tried a short-arm jab towards third-man, but the ball just moved away and found the edge. A wonderful innings from Warner has come to an end.

Steven Smith is the new man in. Clarke hits a good length delivery from Broad for a four through wide long-on. He then gets a fine inside edge while pulling that races away for a four towards fine-leg. Tremlett then finds the edge of Smith’s bat and Prior takes the catch. Smith has to go for a duck. George Bailey comes out to the middle.

Aus 227/2 | Overs 58 | Warner 118*, Clarke 81*

Clarke comes down the track and hits a lofted on-drive off Swann for a six over long-on. Warner then walks down the pitch and hits another inside-out shot over covers for a four. It is all out attack now. Warner uses his feet to come down the track and lofts Swann down the ground for another four. It looks like Australia want to mentally damage Swann. The off-spinner bowls one short and wide of off-stump from round the wicket and Clarke cuts it away for a four towards the third-man region.

Cook brings Broad back and Clarke treats him with a late cut that races away for a four behind square on the off side.

Aus 182/2 | Overs 52 | Warner 102*, Clarke 52*

Anderson beats Warner with an away swinging delivery from round the wicket. Warner then edges a back of a length delivery, but there is no second slip and the ball races away for a four. After struggling to take a single for a few deliveries, Warner comes down the track to Root and hits an inside-out shot through covers and runs three. With that, Warner reaches his fourth Test century and the first in an Ashes match.



Aus 173/2 | Overs 50 | Warner 95*, Clarke 50*

Root begins the first over after lunch. Clarke sweeps one flat and hard and gets a four through deep square-leg. It is spin in tandem as Swann bowls from the other end. Warner comes down the track and takes an over-pitched delivery on the full and hits it through extra-cover to get another four. Then Clarke skips down the track and whips one away behind square on the leg side and gets three runs. Clarke then charges down the track and lofts Root for a four towards long-off.

Warner then hits Anderson back over his head for another four. Clarke reaches his half-century with a single off Root towards long-on.



Aus 145/2 | Overs 45 | Warner 83*, Clarke 34*

Tremlett bowls another full delivery to Warner, who hits through long-on for a four. There is a big appeal for an LBW against Clarke. Swann’s delivery hits Clarke’s pads and the England players appeal, but the umpire says not out. There is a discussion whether to review it or not. Swann and wicketkeeper Matt Prior are keen on reviewing it, but captain Cook is not interested. The replays show that the ball pitched on leg-stump and would have struck the timber. But it was also umpire’s call, so, it might have not been overturned.

Joe Root comes into the attack. Warner drives through covers for a four. Root then bowls a slower one and the ball spun and bounced as it beat Warner’s bat. Warner then survives a big appeal for LBW. The review shows that the ball hit the bat first and it was the bat that hit the pads.

Aus 122/2 | Overs 39 | Warner 70*, Clarke 24*

The rain does not last for long and play has resumed Cook brings Graeme Swann into the attack. Warner immediately comes down the ground and drives through covers for a three. With that the 100 is up for Australia. The scoring-rate has just increased as both Warner and Clarke have looked settled. Tremlett then bowls a half-volley and Warner hits that for a four through the wide long-off region.

Aus 94/2 | Overs 33 | Warner 51*, Clarke 15* | OUT! Watson 6 (27)

Chris Tremlett has been brought into the attack and he bowls a short delivery to Watson, who pulls in front of square on the leg side and gets his first four in the innings. Tremlett then bowls a back of a length delivery, but due to his height, the ball bounces a little extra and Watson top edges a pull shot. Broad takes a simple catch at mid-on.

Michael Clarke is the next batsman. Alastair Cook immediately brings back Broad into the attack. Broad got Clarke in the first innings with a short delivery. He tries in the second innings as well. But Clarke expects it and pulls one towards mid-wicket for a four. He then pulls another one towards fine-leg for another four. Warner then pushes one from Anderson towards long-on and gets three. With those runs, he reaches his half-century.

Rain has stopped play at the Gabba. Well will be back as soon as play begins.



Aus 69/1 | Overs 28 | Warner 46*, Watson 1* | OUT! Rogers 16 (81)

James Anderson begins proceedings for the day. The first over is accurate from the right-arm medium-fast bowler and tests Chris Rogers and David Warner. He bowls a very lively over. Stuart Broad shares the new ball with Anderson. He strikes very first ball. Broad bowls a short and wide delivery and Rogers completely miscues a cut shot and Michael Carberry takes a simple catch at point. The funny part is that that was probably Rogers’s first attacking shot of the innings.

Shane Watson is the next batsman. He survives an LBW appeal from Anderson. The ball seems to have hit the bat first before going onto his pads and the umpire says not out. The replays show that the ball just struck the tip of the front boot and then onto the bat and then pads. If it was reviewed, Watson would have been out. This is really good bowling from England. Only four runs in the first six overs of the day.


Hello I am Shrikant Shankar and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of Day Three of the first Ashes 2013-14 Test in Brisbane at the Gabba. Australia won the toss on Day One and elected to bat first. Stuart Broad starred with the ball for England as he took six wickets as Australia were bowled out for 295. Brad Haddin top-scored with 94. England were bowled out for 136. Mitchell Johnson took four wickets. In the second innings, Australia were at 65 for no loss at stumps at stumps on Day Two.

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