David Warner © Getty Images
David Warner © Getty Images

Dec 28, 2013


Catch Live Scorecard


Aus 30/0 | Overs 8 | Rogers 18*, Warner 12*


Panesar has been brought into the attack and Warner comes down the track and hits it over the deep mid-wicket fielder for a four. Warner is now wasting as much time as possible to make sure there are not many overs left in the day. Ben Stokes will bowl the last over of the day. Five runs come off the over as stumps have been taken on Day Three. Australia ned only 201 runs to win the fourth Ashes Test.



Aus 21/0 | Overs 6 | Rogers 13*, Warner 8*


Chris Rogers and David Warner Walk out to bat for Australia. James Anderson will open proceedings for England. Rogers gets off the mark with two runs towards covers. Stuart Broad will share the new ball with Anderson. Warner gets off the mark with a cut for three straight away. Rogers gets an thick under-edge and the ball races away for a four past the slips. Anderson bowls a maiden to Warner. Rogers pulls Broad for three towards deep mid-wicket. Warner then pulls Broad towards deep square-leg. Monty Panesar stops it from reaching the boundary, but the batsmen run four.





Eng 179 | Overs 61 | Anderson 1* | OUT! Pietersen 49 (90), Panesar 0(6)


Johnson bowls a back of a length delivery and Pietersen defends off the back-foot. The bails fall off the stumps and Haddin thinks it is a hit-wicket. But replays show that it was the wind that blew the bails off. James Anderson takes a single off Lyon towards short fine-leg. Pietersen tries to launch out of the MCG, but miscues the shot. Harris takes a good catch at long-off. That is five wickets to Lyon in the innings. Johnson then gets Monty Panesar out LBW for a duck. So, England are all out for 179. The target for Australia is 231.




Eng 174/8 | Overs 58 | Pietersen 45*, Anderson 0* | OUT! Bairstow 21 (28), Bresnan 0 (8), Broad 0 (3)


Johnson bowls a full delivery outside off-stump and Bairstow plays at it without much feet movement. He edges it to Haddin behind the wickets. That sixth-wicket partnership was worth 42 runs. Tim Bresnan is the new batsman. Lyon has been brought back into the attack. Johnson then bowls a maiden to Pietersen. Bresnan goes for the pull and gets an inside edge onto the stumps to get bowled by Lyon. Stuart Broad is the next batsman in. He edges a turner to Clarke at first slip.


That is wicket No 100 for Lyon.



Eng 172/5 | Overs 54 | Pietersen 43*, Bairstow 21*


Bairstow leans forward and lofts Lyon for another six over straight long-on. A fan takes a good catch in the stands. Bairstow then sweeps Lyon for a four towards deep backward square-leg. Harris has been brought back into the attack. Harris gets one to move away from Bairstow and finds the outside edge of the bat. The ball goes in-between third slip and gully for a four. Johnson bowls three deliveries down the leg side to Pietersen. Then as he is near his bowling mark, Pietersen walks away pointing to the sight-screen. Johnson angrily throws the ball to the slips and exchanges words with Pietersen.


Next ball, Pietersen flicks the ball towards deep mid-wicket and takes a single. While running, Johnson has a few more words with Pietersen, who also gives it back to the bowler. The umpire does defuse the tension a bit. The MCG crowd like the confrontation. There is a lot plastic bags flying around the ground as the wind speed has gone up. The umpires have also called for a heavier set of bails.




Eng 153/5 | Overs 50 | Pietersen 39*, Bairstow 6*


Siddle finds the outside edge of Pietersen’s bat, but the ball bounces in-between second and third slip and races away for a four. Siddle then bowls a full-toss on the pads and Pietersen flicks the ball in-between two mid-wicket fielders for two runs. That is a risky shot given the circumstances and the field placements. Siddle digs one in really short and Pietersen has to duck away quickly as the ball comes at head height. Bairstow comes down the track to Lyon and hits a six over long-on to get off the mark. The six distance was 94 metres.


Siddle bowls one short and Pietersen pulls over the two mid-wicket fielders for a four. He then drives Siddle past the extra-cover fielder for another four in the over. That also brings up the 150 for England.



Eng 131/5 | Overs 45 | Pietersen 23*, Bairstow 0* | OUT! Stokes 19 (55)


Siddle bowls short and wide and Pietersen cuts and gets a four through point. Stokes then comes down the track and mistimes a drive to mid-on. He just makes it to the non-striker’s end as Johnson again gets a direct hit. Siddle bowls one on the pads and Pietersen flicks it to the right of mid-wicket. The ball just stops inside the boundary line and the batsmen run three. Stokes then flicks one off the hips towards deep mid-wicket and gets three runs. Stokes comes down the track and tries a lofted drive over deep mid-off, but hits it straight to Steven Smith positioned there. That was a poor shot and poor execution of the shot as well. Jonny Bairstow is the new batsman in.





Eng 115/4 | Overs 41 | Pietersen 14*, Stokes 13*


Harris bowls a maiden to Stokes. Johnson then bowls one down the leg side to Stokes and the ball runs away for leg-byes towards fine-leg for two runs. Harris digs one in short and Stokes tucks it away for two runs in front of square on the leg side. George Bailey collects the ball and throws left-handed from the deep. He actually bowls right-handed. So, he must be ambidextrous. Stokes flicks one from Johnson towards deep mid-wicket for a single. Pietersen flicks one on the pads off Johnson and gets a single. The umpires called for tea on Day Three. England lead Australia by 166 runs.



Eng 103/4 | Overs 36 | Pietersen 9*, Stokes 8*


Stokes gets off the mark with a flick towards mid-on off Lyon. Pietersen then hits a straight drive to a full delivery from Lyon and gets a four down the ground. Siddle bowls a maiden over to Stokes. Pietersen then gets a leading edge off Lyon to deep mid-off and takes a single. Stokes then drives through the off side and runs two. Next over, Stokes pulls a short delivery from Siddle and gets a four through mid-wicket. The 100 is up for England. Stokes plays one from Johnson on the off side and sets off for a run. Siddle collects the ball from mid-off and throws at the striker’s end. Pietersen would have been way short of the crease if the ball would have hit the stumps, but it missed.





Eng 87/3 | Overs 30 | Pietersen 1*, Stokes 0* | OUT! Root 15 (24), Bell 0 (1)


Root pushes a delivery from Lyon to mid-off and takes off for a quick single. Johnson gets a direct hit and Root is well short of the crease. Pietersen gets off the mark with a single towards deep square-leg. Lyon gets his first wicket in the innings as Ian Bell lobs the first ball he faces to Johnson at mid-off. England are losing the plot here. That is four quick wickets to have fallen for only 22 runs. Suddenly, Australia have got the upper hand in the Test match.



Eng 86/2 | Overs 28 | Root 15*, Pietersen 0* | OUT! Carberry 12 (81)


Carberry uses his feet to Lyon and plays the ball through mid-wicket for three runs. Johnson bowls another in-coming delivery and Carberry squeezes it towards the leg side for a single. Root then gets off the mark with a drive through covers for three runs off Johnson. Rot then gets a couple of twos in Lyon’s over. Siddle has been brought back into the attack. Carberry takes a quick single on the off side. He has to run very fast, but the pick-up is not the best, so, the batsman gets to his crease. Root then gets two runs towards third-man off Siddle’s bowlng. Lyon bowls a maiden over to Carberry.


Root then opens the face of the bat and steers a delivery from Siddle wide of the slips for a four. It was an edge, but Root played that shot with soft hands. Siddle comes from in round the wicket to Carberry and hits him on the pads. The ball pitched outside off-stump and came in sharply. Carberry shuffled across and missed. The Australians appealed and he was given out. Kevin Pietersen is the new man in.



Eng 65/1 | Overs 22 | Carberry 6*, Root 0* | OUT! Cook 51 (64)


Lyon has been brought back. He tosses one up and Cook works the ball behind square for a single. Next over, Johnson bowls an in-coming delivery at Cook and it hits him on the pads in front of the stumps. The Australians appeal and the umpire raises his finger. Cook thinks about reviewing it, but after consultation with Carberry, decides not to. So, that is the first England wicket to fall in the second innings. Cook played a very good innings and got England off to a positive start. Joe Root is the next batsman in. He leaves the first delivery alone. Johnson bowls a full delivery and Root tries to play at it, only to withdraw at the very last millisecond.


The Australians appeal for caught-behind as Brad Haddin collects the ball and the umpire again raises his finger. Root asks for the review and replays show no visible deviation off the bat. Hot Spot also shows no edge and neither does the real-time Snicko. So, the decision has been overturned.





Eng 64/0 | Overs 20 | Cook 50*, Carberry 6*


Welcome back. Watson bowls a maiden over right after lunch to Cook. Johnson digs one in short and Carberry plays it away for a single behind square on the leg side. Johnson bowls another short delivery and Cook nudges it to backward square-leg for a single. Watson offers width and Cook cuts the ball behind backward-point for a four. Watson bowls the same delivery and Cook plays the same shot and gets the same result — four more. That is fifty No 35 for the England captain. Johnson bowls a maiden over to Carberry.




Eng 54/0 | Overs 16 | Cook 41*, Carberry 5*


Quite surprisingly Clarke brings Shane Watson into the attack. Watson pulled his hamstring in the first innings while bowling, so, this is a risk. He bowls a short delivery and Carberry finally gets some runs as he drives off the back-foot through covers for a four. It took Carberry 37 deliveries to go past the one run he had scored off the first ball he faced. Siddle bowls a short and wide delivery and Cook plays the cut shot. The ball takes the edge off the bat and goes past second slip for a four towards third-man. The ball did travel along the ground. That brings up the 50 for England. Watson bowls a maiden over to Carberry. Johnson comes back into the attack and Cook gets a single off a pull shot towards deep square-leg. Lunch is taken and England lead by 105 runs.





Eng 44/0 | Overs 12 | Cook 35*, Carberry 1*


Cook then plays a delightful late cut off Lyon past slip for a four. He then plays a brilliant drive past mid-off to get another four. Harris has been brought into the attack again. He bowls a short delivery and Cook tucks it away for two runs towards mid-wicket. Siddle then bowls a maiden over to Carberry. Cook then walks down the pitch and drives Harris. But he edges the ball along the ground for two runs past gully. Harris finds the outside edge off Cook’s bat, but the batsman manages to keep it down and the ball goes wide of second slip for a four towards third-man. Carberry plays another maiden over off Siddle.





Eng 24/0 | Overs 6 | Cook 19*, Carberry 1*


Alastair Cook and Michael Carberry walk out into the middle for England in their second innings Ryan Harris bowls the first over for Australia. First ball he bowls at the pads and Cook clips it towards deep square-leg for three runs straight away. Carberry also gets off the mark straight away with a single through covers. Cook then gets another three runs next ball as he flicks a straight delivery towards deep mid-wicket. Mitchell Johnson will share the new ball with Harris. Johnson bowls a short delivery at almost 93 mph and Cook pulls to square-leg for two runs.


Johnson bowls another short delivery and Cook fends it off for a single. Harris then bowls a straight one and Cook punches it down the ground for another four. Johnson then bowls a maiden over to Carberry. He does give away four byes down the leg side. Michael Clarke brings Nathan Lyon into the attack. Cook gets a single towards backward square-leg. Carberry plays five dot deliveries in-a-row to Lyon. Peter Siddle has also been brought into the attack. Cook then crosses the 8,000th-run mark in Test cricket with three runs towards square on the leg side. He is the sixth England batsman to reach the milestone.





Aus 204 | Overs 82.2 | Lyon 18* | OUT! Haddin 65 (68)


The second new ball has been taken. Anderson bowls a length delivery and in line with the sumps and Lyon carts it high over mid-on for a four. Broad offers width outside off-stump and Haddin slashes at it hard and gets a thick top-edge as the ball goes over the slips for four. Haddin tries to give himself room on the off side by going towards the leg side. Anderson digs it in and follows Haddin, who edges a pull to Jonny Bairstow behind the wickets. That is the 10th and final wicket to fall for Australia. The 10th-wicket partnership was worth 40 runs. So, England have taken a 51-run lead after the first innings.



Aus 189/9 | Overs 80 | Haddin 57*, Lyon 11*


Stuart Broad completes the three deliveries left in his over to begin proceedings on Day Three. Nathan Lyon is the new batsman and plays out three dot balls. James Anderson comes in from the other end. Brad Haddin edges on from Anderson and the ball goes to ground quickly and to the left of Alastair Cook at first slip and races away for a four. Lyon gets off the mark with a single off Broad in front of square on the off side. Anderson then finds the edge of Lyon’s bat and the ball goes through the vacant third slip region for a four. Broad finds the edge of Lyon’s bat and the ball goes over point for a four. Haddin takes a single off Anderson to reach his 16th Test half-century. Stokes comes into the attack and Haddin gets three twos in-a-row off the last three deliveries in the over.







Hello I am Shrikant Shankar and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the Ashes 2013-14. Australia won the first three Tests and have taken a 3-0 lead in the five-match series. Australia are at 164 for nine, trailing England’s 255 by 91 runs.


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