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Steven Smith © Getty Images

Jan 3, 2014


Catch Live Scorecard


Eng 8/1 | Overs 6 | Cook 7*, Anderson 1* | OUT! Carberry 0 (9)


Alastair Cook and Michael Carberry walk out into the middle. Ryan Harris begins proceedings. Cook gets off the mark with a four through covers. Mitchell Johnson will bowl from the other end. He bowls a maiden over to Carberry. Harris bowls one onto the pads and Cook turns it away for a single towards mid-wicket. Cook then takes a quick single off Johnson towards short cover. Carberry gets a short delivery at chest height and he glances it to Nathan Lyon at leg-slip, who takes a diving catch to his right. James Anderson comes in as the nightwatchman. Johnson bowls a sharp short delivery and Anderson plays it towards backward-point and takes a single.


Anderson survives an over from Harris. Johnson bowls a quick bouncer and Cook does well to keep it down. He bowls a yorker at leg-stump and Cook plays that away towards fine-leg for a single. Stumps have been called on Day One. England trail Australia by 318 runs.




Aus 326 | Overs 76 | Lyon 1* | OUT! Harris 22 (27), Siddle 0 (1), Smith 115 (154)


Anderson bowls a short delivery and Harris gets a top edge while trying to pull. The ball goes over the wicketkeeper for a four. Harris then plays a cover drive for four as Anderson offers width. The runs are flowing very quickly now. Harris is throwing his bat at everything. He plays the best shot of the day as well. Anderson bowls a back of a length delivery and Harris pulls that well into the stands for six over mid-wicket. Harris soon departs as he plays an uppish drive off Stokes straight to Anderson at short cover. Peter Siddle is the next batsman and he edges the first ball he faces to Bairstow behind the wicket. That is Stokes’s first five-wicket haul in test cricket.


Nathan Lyon survives the hat-trick ball. He then edges one to Anderson at gully, but he drops a tough chance to his left. Smith then hits one to Root at mid-on and that is the last wicket to fall for Australia. Stokes has taken a career high six for 99.





Aus 302/7 | Overs 72 | Smith 112*, Harris 2*


Broad bowls a straight delivery and Smith hits it through mid-on for another three runs. Broad bowls a few short deliveries at Harris and he is lucky that some of the top edges do not fall closer to the short-leg fielder. Smith then launches Borthwick for a six over long-on to get to 99. Borthwick then bowls a full-toss and Smith pulls that over mid-wicket for a four. That is his third Test century and all have come against England. Broad bowls a bouncer and that goes for four leg-byes. Smith then pulls another full-toss from Borthwick for a four through mid-wicket.




Aus 272/7 | Overs 68 | Smith 89*, Harris 0* | OUT! Johnson 12 (32)


Smith hits one from Anderson through mid-on for a four. Borthwick has been brought back into the attack. Smith uses his feet and gets a single through mid-wicket. Johnson also gets a single. Borthwick then bowls a beautiful leg-spinner to Smith. He draws him in forward and pitches just on off-stump on a good length. The ball turns away and Smith is beaten. Borthwick then finds the inside edge onto the pads of Smith. Broad then bowls a back of a length delivery outside off-stump and Smith opens the face of the bat to get a four behind point.


Borthwick gets his first wicket in Test cricket as Johnson launches him in the air, but mistimes. Substitute Joe Root takes a good catch at long-on. Ryan Harris is the new batsman in. Borthwick bowls a full-toss and Smith pulls the ball towards deep mid-wicket for three runs.





Aus 253/6 | Overs 64 | Smith 73*, Johnson 9*


Anderson comes back into the attack and Smith plays a text-book cover drive in-between mid-off and cover for a four. Stokes bowls a full delivery and Johnson flicks the ball off his toes for two runs through square-leg. Smith then tucks one off his pads to long-leg for a single off Anderson. Rankin is back on the field and begins an over. But again after the first ball, he pulls up with more strain on his hamstring. He is back into the dressing room for more treatment. Not sure it was the best idea to bring back Rankin. Stokes finishes his over. Stokes bowls a full delivery and Smith hits through the line of the delivery and over mid-off for a four.





Aus 233/6 | Overs 58 | Smith 60*, Johnson 2* | OUT! Haddin 75 (90)


Welcome back. Broad will bowl the first over after tea. Smith plays a square drive and gets a four. That is also is half-century. This is Smith’s sixth half-century in Test cricket. Haddin then lofts a length delivery from Stokes over mid-off. A few deliveries later, he hits another delivery for a four this time over Stokes. Haddin then pulls Broad for another four wide of mid-on. Stokes finally gets the breakthrough that England were looking for. He pitches the ball outside off-stump, but it was fuller in length. Haddin is rooted to his crease and plays at it. He edges it to Cook at first slip. That was a brilliant innings from Haddin.


Mitchell Johnson is the new batsman in. He gets a barrage of short deliveries from the England bowlers. He fends one off near his ribcage and runs two to get off the mark. Stokes bowls a good length delivery and Smith plays it late but hard past the gully fielder and gets a four.





Aus 201/5 | Overs 52 | Smith 48*, Haddin 59*


Haddin takes a quick single off Stokes and reaches his 17th test half-century. He has reached a half-century at least in every single match of the series. Anderson comes back into the attack and Haddin pulls hard over mid-wicket for a four. Stokes bowls a full and wide delivery and Smith drives through covers for a four. Haddin then pulls a short delivery from Anderson for another four. Tea is taken on Day One and that last session belonged to Australia.





Aus 181/5 | Overs 48 | Smith 40*, Haddin 49*


Scott Borthwick will bowl his first over in Test cricket. He bowls a good first over, until Smith comes down the track on the last delivery and hits a four towards mid-wicket. Rankin bowls one delivery in a new over and then clutches the backside of his left thigh. He has pulled his hamstring and has to go back into the dressing room for treatment. That is a real shame for England and Rankin. Broad finishes his over. Borthwick continues and Haddin gets three runs through third-man as he plays a late cut. Smith then comes down the track and smashes one down the ground for a four.


Broad then bowls a maiden over to Haddin. Smith then hits one through extra-cover for a four off Borthwick. Next ball, he comes down the track and smashes the ball hard straight down the groun, but Broad manages to stop the ball from mid-on. Haddin then hits a four off Borthwick past mid-off.





Aus 155/5 | Overs 42 | Smith 27*, Haddin 38*


Rankin bowls a short delivery and Haddin pulls the ball in front of mid-wicket. Anderson slides in to stop the ball from reaching the boundary. The batsmen run three. Rankin then bowls one short and wide as Haddin cuts it over point for a four. Stokes bowls one short and Haddin pulls for a four towards mid-wicket. Rankin bowls one on a back of a length and Smith goes for the cut. The ball takes the edge off the bat and flies over the third slip for four. Stokes gives some width and Haddin drives through covers for a four. Haddin then hooks a back of a length delivery behind fine-leg for another four.


Stokes hits the stumps at the non-striker’s end with his hand while in his bowling motion. If that happens, then it is a no-ball and Stokes has done it thrice in the innings. Haddin then pulls Stokes for another four over square-leg. Ranking then gets slapped for a four over mid-on by Haddin. Stokes bowls one wide of off-stump and Smith flashes at it hard and gets a thick edge past backward-point for a four. He had absolutely no feet movement playing that shot.





Aus 112/5 | Overs 36 | Smith 12*, Haddin 12*


Anderson again bowls a testing over to both Haddin and Smith. Smith twice leaves length deliveries as they hit him on the pads. England appeal on both occasions, but the umpire says not out. Both deliveries were just outside the line of off-stump and a little over. Broad bowls one short and wide and Haddin slashes hard and gets his top edge over the gully region for a four. Anderson then bowls one on a good length and the ball bounces a little extra. The ball hits the top of the front pad and then the back thigh pad and then Bairstow takes a very good one handed catch.


The England players appeal due to the double noise, but the umpire say not out. Cook asks for the review, but nothing comes up. So that is one review gone for England, but was probably worth the risk. Anderson is making life very comfortable for both Smith and Haddin. Rankin then gets a few deliveries jump higher from a length and Haddin gets hit on one occasion.




Aus 101/5 | Overs 31 | Smith 10*, Haddin 4* | OUT! Bailey 1 (8)


George Bailey gets off the mark first ball with a single behind square on the leg side. Broad then bowls a maiden over to Bailey. Anderson bowls a very good over to Smith, constantly testing him. The ball is moving in the air and off the pitch now. Broad bowls one on a length and the ball moves away slightly. Bailey edges it to Cook at first slip, who spills at the first attempt but holds on in the second. Brad Haddin is the next batsman in. Broad bowls a full delivery and Haddin gets off the mark with a straight drive for four. That also brings up the 100 for Australia. Broad bowls a short delivery and the ball comes in sharply and Haddin has to duck down to avoid it.





Aus 94/4 | Overs 25.4 | Smith 8* | OUT! Watson 43 (59)


Stokes bowls a full and wide delivery and Smith drives in front of point for a four. Anderson bowls one coming into Watson and he leaves the ball. The ball hits him on the pads and the England players appeal. The umpire says not out and Alastair Cook does not ask for the review. Next ball, Anderson hist Watson on the pads and this is as straight as possible. The England players appeal again and this time the umpire raises his finger. Watson does not even bother to ask for the review. He knew that was out. And that is lunch on Day One. Surprising to say that England have had the better session. They haven’t bowled all that well, only that they bowled a few good deliveries and have got the wickets. imagine if they actually bowled better consistently.



Aus 90/3 | Overs 24 | Watson 43*, Smith 4* | OUT! Clarke 10 (29)


Rankin bowls one full and Watson flicks the ball for a four through deep square-leg. Broad then digs one in short and Clarke pulls for a four through mid-wicket. Stokes bowls a full-toss and Watson hits the ball straight down the ground making sure the ball bounced over the bowler as it raced away for a four. Broad bowls a maiden over to Clarke. Stokes bowls a good length delivery and makes the ball move slightly away. Clarke plays at it and edges it to Ian Bell at second slip, who makes no mistake. Steven Smith gets off the mark with a cover drive for a four.


Anderson has been brought back into the attack. He bowls one on a good length and Watson edges it in the vacant third slip region and gets a four. Next ball is a back of a length delivery and Watson plays an expansive cut shot and gets it over the gully fielder for a four.





Aus 58/2 | Overs 18 | Watson 24*, Clarke 3* | OUT! Rogers 11 (39)


Boyd Rankin will bowl his first over in Test cricket. The first delivery is wide of off-stump, but it is short and the ball bounces really high. Watson goes for the cut, but is way under the ball. The next ball is closer to Watson and this one bounces even more. Again Watson is well underneath the ball. Rankin the bowls one fuller at the stumps and Watson turns it away for three runs through mid-wicket. Drinks have been taken. What we found out so far is that bowling fuller is a better option on this SCG wicket. There is enough grass and the ball will do more off the pitch.  But the England bowlers have bowled more at a back of a length or short.


After the drinks break, Stokes bowls a maiden over to Watson. Rankin then bowls one down the leg side to Watson and the ball bounces out of wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow’s reach and goes for four leg-byes. Stokes then bowls a back of a length delivery and Rogers goes for the pull shot. The ball bounces slightly lower and Rogers gets a thick bottom edge onto his front pad and onto the stumps. Michael Clarke gets off the mark first ball with a quick single on the off side. He then is nearly run out going for another quick single but Carberry cannot hit the stumps directly.





Aus 41/1 | Overs 12 | Rogers 10*, Watson 15*


Rogers flicks one off the pads from Anderson for two runs on the leg side. Broad and Anderson bowl a couple of tight overs. Ben Stokes has been brought into the attack. He bowls an absolute loosener full and wide and Watson drives that through covers for another four. Apart from the first ball, Stokes bowls a good first over with five dot deliveries after that. Anderson comes in from round the wicket to the left-handed Rogers. Anderson is not getting the ball to pitch at the right length. He needs to be fuller as there is enough grass on the wicket and that is how Warner got out. Stokes then bowls a full and wide delivery and Watson drives through covers. The ball is pulled back in with a sliding dive by Carberry and it is only three runs.





Aus 26/1 | Overs 6 | Rogers 6*, Watson 4* | OUT! Warner 16 (20)


Chris Rogers and David Warner walk out into the middle to open for Australia. James Anderson will begin proceedings for England. He bowls a maiden first up to Rogers. Stuart Broad will share the new ball with Anderson. Warner gets the first runs for Australia with a push towards the covers for two. Anderson then bowls short ball and Rogers gets off the mark with a thick outside edge on the back-foot as the ball races away for a four through the gully region. Warner then drives a straight delivery from Broad down the ground for a four. Broad bowls a back of a length delivery and Warner gets a thick leading edge past Michael Carberry at point for a four. Next ball, Warner drives again past mid-off for another four.


Anderson then bowls another maiden over to Rogers. Broad then pitches one at around leg-stump on a fuller length and the ball holds its line as Warner plays for the wrong line and is bowled. Shane Watson plays a crunching cover drive for a four on the first ball he faces.











England captain Alastair Cook has won the toss and elected to field first in the fifth Ashes 2013-14 Test against Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) on Friday.


This is the first time England have won the toss in five matches.


England have handed debuts to three players for the fifth and final Test of the series. Gary Ballance, Scott Borthwick and Boyd Rankin replace Joe Root, Monty Panesar and Tim Bresnan. Borthwick becomes the first leg-spinner since Ian Salisbury in 2000 against Pakistan to play for England in a Test match.


Michael Clarke’s Australia will go in with an unchanged side from the last four Tests. This is the first time in history Australia have used the same 11 players in a five-Test series.




Australia: Chris Rogers, David Warner, Shane Watson, Michael Clarke (c), Steven Smith, George Bailey, Brad Haddin (wk), Mitchell Johnson, Peter Siddle, Ryan Harris, Nathan Lyon.


England: Alastair Cook (c), Michael Carberry, Ian Bell, Kevin Pietersen, Gary Ballance, Ben Stokes, Jonny Bairstow (wk), Scott Borthwick, Stuart Broad, James Anderson, Boyd Rankin.



Hello I am Shrikant Shankar and welcome to CricketCountry’s coverage of the Ashes 2013-14. Australia have already won the Ashes and have taken a 4-0 lead in the five-match series. The two teams enter the fifth Test at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) in the New Year’s Test on January 3, 2014. Can Australia make it a 5-0 whitewash? Or can England win their first match of the series to avoid that? Or is there a possibility of a draw? All these questions will be answered over the course of the next five days.