Chris Rogers © Getty Images
Chris Rogers © Getty Images

Jan 4, 2014


Catch Live Scorecard


Aus 140/4 | Overs 30 | Rogers 73*, Bailey 20*


Scott Borthwick has been brought into the attack. The leg-spinner gives away four runs and all in singles in his first over. Anderson comes from round the wicket and bowls a tight over to Rogers. Borthwick again concedes four runs from his over and again all in singles. Anderson bowls the last over of the day and it is a maiden to Bailey. So, at stumps, Australia are at 140 for four and they lead England by 311 runs.





Aus 127/4 | Overs 25 | Rogers 67*, Bailey 14* | OUT! Smith 7 (12)


That long delay in the 20th over seems to have affected Smith. Stokes bowls a length delivery and Smith edges it off a defensive shot and Alastair Cook takes the catch at first slip. George Bailey gets off the mark with two runs off an edge towards third-man. Rogers hits a full delivery from Broad through cover-point for a four. He then flicks one off the pads and gets a single to get to his half-century. That is his sixth half-century in Test cricket. Bailey then drives one from Stokes straight down the ground for a four. Stokes strays onto the pads and Rogers flicks it towards mid-wicket for a four. Stokes offers width and Roger cuts it for a four behind square on the leg side. Next ball, Rogers hits straight down the ground for a four.




Aus 86/3 | Overs 20 | Rogers 40*, Smith 7* | OUT! Clarke 6 (18)


Broad bowls a short of a length delivery and it bounces a little extra. Clarke has to play at it and he gets his right hand off the bat to keep the ball down. The next delivery is a short and wide delivery and Clarke plays a loose shot. He edges the ball to Bairstow. Steven Smith is the new batsman in. He gets off the mark with a pull for a four off Ben Stokes. Broad bowls a rank half-volley and Rogers drives wide of mid-off for a four. Broad then has a little slip while beginning his bowling stride and he looks to be in some pain now. The place where Broad’s right leg landed looks to be a little uneven. So we have a delay as the ground staff sort this out. Finally he bowls the last ball of the 20th over and it is a dot delivery.




Aus 71/2 | Overs 15 | Rogers 32*, Clarke 6* | OUT! Watson 9 (9)


Boyd Rankin comes into bowl and his first ball is wide and high on the leg side and it goes for four leg-byes. Anderson bowls one on a back of a length and Watson cuts late to get a four through backward-point. Anderson bowls one on the pads and Watson turns it away towards mid-wicket for a four. Anderson then bowls a good length delivery and Watson edges behind, where wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow takes a stunning right-handed catch in front of first slip. Michael Clarke is the new batsman and he gets off the mark with a single on the off-side.


Anderson then bowls a testing over to Clarke, which is also a maiden. Rankin bowls a full and wide delivery outside off-stump and Rogers drives it on the off-side for a four. Rankin then bowls down the leg side and it goes for four leg-byes. Anderson bowls straight and Clarke hits it past mid-on for a four. Then Anderson finds the outside edge off Rogers’s bat and the ball is pulled back before it reaches the boundary at third-man. Stokes throws the ball to Bairstow and in-turn, he throws at the non-striker’s end and there is no one backing up. The batsmen had run three and then there were four overthrows, so, that is seven runs.




Aus 27/1 | Overs 7 | Rogers 11*, Watson 0* | OUT! Warner 16 (20)


James Anderson begins proceedings. Chris Rogers cuts a short and wide delivery for a four through backward-point. David Warner gets off the mark with a pull off Stuart Broad for a four. He gets another four while pulling, but the ball gets an under-edge and evades the wicketkeeper and reaches the boundary. Warner then hits straight and gets a four off Anderson. Broad bowls one short and Rogers pulls and gets a four. Anderson comes from round the wicket and darts one into Warner. He gets done for swing and pace as the ball hits the back pad. England players appeal and the umpire raises his finger. Shane Watson is the new batsman in.





Eng 155 | Overs 58.5 | Broad 30* | OUT! Rankin 13 (22)


Rankin lofts Lyon well over mid-wicket and gets a four as the ball bounces just inside the boundary. Broad then smashes one high in the air and straight down the ground for a four. Johnson comes back into the attack and bowls a few bouncers at the tall Rankin. He then bowls a full delivery and Rankin gets bowled. So, England are all out for a mere 155 and Australia will bat again with the lead of 171 runs. That is also tea on Day Two. This was another batting collapse.




Eng 145/9 | Overs 57 | Broad 26*, Rankin 8* | OUT! Borthwick 1 (17)


Lyon floats one and Broad hits a lofted on-drive for a massive six over long-on. Next ball is on a good length and Broad slog-sweeps that over deep mid-wicket for a four. Then he edges one towards third-man for two runs. Harris then finds the outside edge off Borthwick’s bat and Steven Smith takes the catch at third slip. Lyon bowls to debutant Boyd Rankin and he hits one straight past the bowler for a four. Harris bowls a length delivery and Broad hits a flat-batted shot and the ball goes for a four towards deep mid-wicket. Broad then sweeps Lyon for a four.




Eng 112/8 | Overs 50 | Borthwick 1*, Broad 0* | OUT! Bairstow 18 (50), Stokes 47 (101)


Siddle bowls a maiden to Bairstow. Stokes takes a single towards the leg side off Lyon. Bairstow is trying to go on the offensive against Lyon as he attempts to slog-sweep him a few times. He gets a thick under-edge while slog-sweeping towards square-leg. Stokes gets two runs through mid-wicket off Siddle. Lyon then tosses one up and Stokes sweeps through mid-wicket for a four. Siddle then bowls a length delivery and it bounces slightly more and hits high on Bairstow’s bat. The ball goes straight to George Bailey at short mid-on and he takes a low catch. Scott Borthwick is the new batsman in and he takes a single towards covers to get off the mark. Stokes then leaves a length delivery from Siddle and gets bowled. England are struggling to avoid the follow-on.





Eng 101/6 | Overs 44 | Stokes 40*, Bairstow 15*


Stokes is using the sweep shot to Lyon as he gets a single towards long-leg. Stokes then drives a wide delivery from Siddle through covers for a single. Siddle offers width and Stokes slashes hard and gets it over gully for a four. Lyon bowls one from round the wicket and hits Stokes on the pads as he tries to offer a shot. The Australians appeal and umpire Marais Erasmus says not out. After some deliberation, Clarke asks for the review. Replays show that the ball hit the pads outside the line of off-stump. So, it is not out. Australia have lost both their reviews for the innings.




Eng 81/6 | Overs 37 | Stokes 29*, Bairstow 7* | OUT! Ballance 18 (51)


Johnson bowls the first over after lunch. Ballance plays one away on the lg side for a single. Lyon is getting some spin and he finds a thin edge off Ballance’s bat and Haddin takes the catch. Jonny Bairstow is the new batsman in. Johnson bowls an in-swinging yorker and hits Stokes low on the front foot. The ball was down the leg side. Next ball, Johnson bowls a bouncer and it goes very high over Haddin and for five wides. Siddle bowls an in-swinging full delivery and Bairstow clips it to deep mid-wicket for two runs to get off the mark. Johnson then bowls a maiden to Bairstow. Stokes then takes a single off Lyon’s over.


Johnson bowls a short delivery and Stokes plays a good back-foot drive through covers for three runs. Johnson then bowls one wide of off-stump and Bairstow slashes at it hard and gets a thick edge over the gully region for a four. Johnson is also having a bit of trouble with his front foot as he bowls a no-ball. He has bowled quite a few no-balls in the innings.




Eng 61/5 | Overs 30 | Ballance 17*, Stokes 23*


Johnson is back into the attack. He bowls a fast bouncer and Ballance is unable to get out of the way and gets hit right on the helmet. That is a nasty one. Ballance needs to change his helmet and this is taking a bit of time. Play finally does get underway again. Lyon bowls the last over before lunch and it is a maiden to Stokes. So, at the break, England trail Australia by 265 runs.




Eng 58/5 | Overs 28 | Ballance 17*, Stokes 22*


Harris bowls an over-pitched delivery outside off-stump and Ballance plays a delightful cover drive and gets a four. He too moves into double digits. Johnson is back and bowls a wayward over. The last ball is short and wide and Ballance cuts brilliantly through cover-point for a four. Stokes and Ballance get a couple of twos and a three in one over from Harris. Nathan Lyon comes into the attack. He bowls one short and Stokes rocks back onto his back-foot and smashes that through covers for a four. Then a leading edge off Stokes’s bat falls in a vacant extra-cover region.




Eng 36/5 | Overs 24 | Ballance 7*, Stokes 10*


Watson bowls one on the pads and Ballance flicks it away to square-leg for two runs. Siddle bowls a maiden to Stokes. Watson bowls one on middle-stump and Ballance plays it away towards mid-wicket and takes a quick single. Watson then bowls a full delivery at the stumps and Stokes flicks it to deep mid-wicket for two runs and gets off the mark. Siddle bowls a maiden to Ballance. Harris is back and bowls a full delivery and Stokes drives down the ground for a four. Siddle bowls a back of a length delivery and it comes in slightly. Stokes inside edges it and Haddin collects behind the wickets. But he is not sure whether he has caught it cleanly and conveys that to the umpires.


The on-field umpires go to the third umpire and replays show that the ball just about bounces on the ground before going into the gloves. Nice to see some honesty in cricket. It is still a gentleman’s game. Stokes then flicks one in-between square-leg and mid-wicket and gets three runs. The England fans cheer as Stokes is the first batsman in the innings to get to double digits.







Eng 23/5 | Overs 18 | Ballance 4*, Stokes 0* | OUT! Pietersen 3 (9), Bell 2 (32)


Harris bowls another good out-swinging delivery and Pietersen edges it to Watson, who makes no mistake this time at first slip. England are in disarray here. Debutant Gary Ballance is the new batsman in. Harris bowls a wicket-maiden. Then Johnson bowls a maiden over to Bell. Harris bowls a length delivery and Ballance punches it wide of mid-off and gets three to get his first runs in Test cricket. Harris then strays on the pads and Bell tucks it wide of mid-on for two runs. He also gets off the mark. Peter Siddle has been brought into the attack and he bowls a maiden over to Ballance.


Watson comes in and he too bowls a maiden over first up to Bell. Siddle bowls a good length delivery that moves slightly away and Bell edges it to Brad Haddin behind the wickets. Ben Stokes is the new batsman.







Eng 17/3 | Overs 12 | Bell 0*, Pietersen 3* | OUT! Cook 7 (19), Anderson 7 (24)


Ryan Harris begins proceedings on Day Two. He strikes second ball as Alastair Cook is out leg-before. Harris bowls a perfect in-swinging delivery and Cook decides to let the ball go and is struck plum in front of off-stump. The Australians appeal and the umpire has no hesitation in raising his finger. Next ball, Harris bowls a perfect out-swinging delivery to right-handed Ian Bell and he edges it to Shane Watson at first slip. But Watson drops a regulation catch slightly to his left. Nightwatchman James Anderson is being peppered with a lot of bouncers. He gets hit twice by Mitchell Johnson on his gloves. He gets treatment on field as well.


Johnson digs one in short and Anderson tries to fend it off. The ball takes the edge of the shoulder of the bat and goes for a four behind the wicketkeeper. A few deliveries later he edges one to Michael Clarke at second slip. Harris then hits Bell on the pads and the Australians appeal. The umpire says not out, but Harris wants the review, so Clarke obliges. But it is turned down as the ball was going down the leg side. Kevin Pietersen gets off the mark with a flick through the short fine-leg region for two runs.





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