Australia elected to bowl after winning the toss   Photo Courtesy: Southern Stars Twitter account
Australia elected to bowl after winning the toss Photo Courtesy: Southern Stars Twitter account


Apr 6, 2014


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(Before the big men’s World Cup final between India and Sri Lanka begins, rivals Australia and England fight it out for the women’s T20 crown. Catch Live updates here)


Congratulations to Australia Women. Well that is it from us for now. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. Have a great day.



England’s Anya Shrubsole is the Player of the Tournament for taking 13 wickets. She is the leading wicket-taker.



Sarah Coyte is the Player of the Match for taking three wickets for 16 runs in her quota of four overs.



Hazell to bowl. Perry pulls a short delivery towards deep square-leg and that is the winning runs for Australia. They beat England by six wickets. That is their third consecutive World T20 win.
Sciver comes in. Lanning goes for glory and hits a full delivery to Knight at mid-on. Alex Blackwell is the next one in. She gets out LBW for a duck.
OUT! Lanning 44(30), Blackwell 0(3)
Rebecca to bowl her last over. The first three deliveries are dot deliveries. Perry then whips one away for a single towards deep square-leg. Lanning then pushes one towards deep cover for a single. Perry then hits a low full-toss for a four down the ground.
Shrubsole comes back into the attack. Perry thumps one for a four long-off. Shrubsole then bowls one slightly short and Lanning pulls it away for a four towards deep square-leg. The 50-run partnership between the two has also come up in the over.
Hazell tosses one up and Perry smashes it over long-on for a six. This is turning out very simple for Australia now. Perry takes a single on the last ball of the over towards cover-point.
Natalie Sciver comes into bowl. Lanning pushes one towards cover and gets a single. Perry then gets an inside edge onto the thigh pads and gets a single towards short third-man. Lanning drives one through cover for a single. Perry whips one towards deep mid-wicket for three runs. The last ball is struck for a four by Lanning towards point.
Rebecca comes in. She bowls five dot deliveries first up to Perry. The last ball is pulled away for a four towards deep mid-wicket.
Gunn continues. She bowls one outside off-stump and Lanning guides it towards third-man for two runs. Lanning then clubs the last ball over deep mid-wicket for a six.
Hazell to bowl. The first two deliveries are dot deliveries. The next three concede three singles. Hazell then bowls a wide down the leg side. The last ball is slightly wide and Lanning cuts in behind point. There is a misfield and she gets three runs.
Jenny Gunn comes into bowl. Villani hits one in the air, but she has got no distance on it. Edwards takes a very good catch behind the bowler’s stumps. Ellyse Perry is the next to bat.
OUT! Villani 12(17)
Rebecca comes in. Villani pushes one towards deep square-leg and gets two runs. She then slog-sweeps a length delivery over mid-wicket for a four.
Shrubsole bowls one wide and Lanning cuts it away for a for through point. She again bowls one wide, but Lanning misses with a prod away from the body. Lanning then hits a half-volley over long-off for a six. The last ball is a low full-toss and Lanning flicks it away for a four over mid-wicket.
Rebecca Grundy comes into bowl. She is a left-arm spinner. Lanning gets of the mark with a single towards deep point. Five singles come from the over.
Shrubsole continues. Jonnassen flat-bats a back of a length delivery to Jones at mid-on. Meg Lanning is the next batter in.
OUT! Jonnassen 15(10)
Jonassen is off with a brisk start. Six on the first ball of the over from Hazell and the third ball is cut away for four. The last ball too fetches four more. 14 runs from the over.


England’s strike bowler Shrubsole starts off. She is the leading wickettaker and swung the ball to great effect. Had Villani in trouble first up but she managed to clear the point fielder. Two from it.






Farrell bowls the last over. Hazell slogs one straight to deep midwicket. Osborne in the deep takes a regulation catch. Couple on the last ball of the over. Brilliant performance overall. They have restricted England to a below par score.
OUT! Hazell 4(10)


After all the struggle, the batters manage to collect only three from Sarah Coyte’s last over. She ends her quota with three for 16.


Smart bowling by Ellyse Perry. Keeps it wicket to wicket. The fuller ball strikes her back[ad plumb in front. Two runs from it.
OUT! Jones 12(12)


Another one bites the dust. Coyte gets one more. Beaumonth tries to go for an expansive shot over midwicket and misses the ball completely. She failed to read the line of the ball and the stumps were shattered.
Out! Beaumont 6(4)


Farrell comes back and starts with a juicy full toss, Sciver pulls but fails to get power behind her shot. Couple of runs. Drives on the next ball but the fielder doesn’t well to stop, however the next shot was placed well in the gap for four. Farrell uses a full slower ball and Sciver commits herself and misses the shot; the stumps are disturbed. Beaumont, the new batsman is welcomed with a waist-high full-toss and she guides it away on the leg-side for four. 14 from the over.
OUT! Sciver 9(12)



Osborne has this slow pace which makes it difficult to hit. The batter has to muscle the ball around to send it in the deep. Couple of runs each on the last two balls.wasn’t a confident shot but runs coming for England nevertheless.


Once again a low scoring over after fall of a wicket Just three from the over including a wide. It’s a do-or-die situation for the England batters now. They are clearly lagging behind.


First ball from Osborne is driven neatly past covers and Knight picks up two. The next ball is short and wide but fails to connect the cut shot. he third one was lofted by Knight but mistimed it; luckily it lands well ahead of the long-off fielder. This has been a pattern now for England. Whenever a batswoman has got the momentum they lost a wicket. A wild swing from Knight lands straight into the hands of the deep midwicket fielder. Well connected but poor placement. Just get a sense that England are losing steam.
OUT! Knight 29(24)


Sciver works away the secondt ball of the Jonnasen over to short fine-leg for a single and gets off the mark. Five singles from the over.



Ellyse Perry strikes in her third over and Australia have taken a firm control. Seams away from Greenway and Alysa Healy takes a brilliant low catch. Greenway is unhappy but the untested England middle-order will be exposed now. Good length maintained by Perry in the over.
OUT! Greenway 2(5)


Big wicket, the set batter Sarah Taylor has been dismissed. Tries to go for the reverse sweep and the fuller ball from Coyte strikes her plumb in front. The Aussies are jubilant. England had just started too get some momentum and they end up losing one more wicket. Lydia Greenway is the new batter in.
OUT! S Taylor 18(25)


Julie Hunter comes in to bowl. Heather Knight is showing some aggressive intent. Tries to paddle sweep and manages to get a bit of bat on to it and the ball trickles away for four. Good running between the wickets between the to batsmwoman. Partnership 28 from 21 balls.


Right arm spinner Eris Osborne is in to the attack now. Three singles and a couple on the first four balls. Heather Knight then steps out and smacks over the bowler’s head for a four. A similar shot on the next ball and poor fielding in the deep by the long-off fielder. 13 runs from the over.


Tidy over from Elysse Perry, five from it.


And the pressure finally swallows Charlotte Edwards. She had done well to cut one between backward point and short thirdman for four. Fourth ball of the over and she tries to drive past mid-on, doesn’t time it neatly, Jess Cameron takes a brilliant low catch. Sarah Coyte gives the first breakthrough.
OUT! Edwards 13(19)


The openers have seen enough and decided to throw their bat around to pluck some quick runs, but Australia’s fielding has been good. Some flow of singles in the fifth over. four from it.


Big match nervousness catching up with Charlotte Edwards. Survives a run-out on the first ball. Taylor manages to sweep fine and pick a boundary on the last ball. Scoop seems to be the release shot for now. Nevertheless a boundary on the last ball.


Some intent from Sarah Taylor. Walks down the pitch to work the ball into the gaps. Picked a tight single on the fourth ball. Meg Lanning could have easily run her out. Taylor lucky to survive. There’s a sense of desperation visible in the openers now. And Edwards finally manages to get one away. Shuffles across and scoops fine behind the keeper for a boundary.



Left-arm spin of Jonassen to start from the other end. Taylor picks a comfortable single. But Taylor is nervous on the other end, fails to connect some loose deliveries from Jonassen. Survived a close leg-before call. Excellent start for Australia, just two from the second over.


Hint of swing for Rene Farrell in the first over. And a tentative prod from Sarah Taylor on the first ball. Picks a single on the fourth ball playing towards mid-on. Good start for Australia.




Toss: Australia win toss, elect to bowl




England: Sarah Taylor, Charlotte Edwards, Heather Knight, Lydia Greenway, Natalie Sciver, Amy Jones, Tammy Beaumont, Jenny Gunn, Danielle Hazell, Anya Shrubsole, Rebecca Grundy


Australia: Elyse Villani, Jess Jonassen, Meg Lanning*, Ellyse Perry, Alex Blackwell, Jess Cameron, Alyssa Healy†, Erin Osborne, Sarah Coyte, Rene Farrell, Julie Hunter




Hello and welcome to the live blog of the ICC World T20 2014 Women’s World Cup final I am Abhijit Banare and I will be bringing you the live updates of the match. There’s a lot of fanfare around Dhaka and the first big match of the day is between rivals Australia and England. England were winners of the inaugural edition and Australia have dominated the this format ever since. The Aussies will be vying for their third consecutive T20 crown. Both the women’s semi-finals preceded the men’s games earlier this week and one saw similar scenes in the stands. There was hardly anybody in the east stand, the most vocal part when it is full. One could only see some crowd in the West Stand behind the player’s dug-out. Some of the family members of the Australian players were there in the ICC Hospitality Area in the North Stand, waving their flag. Mitchell Starc, the Australian left-arm pacer is also present in the crowd. His girlfriend, Alyssa Healy is Australia’s wicketkeeper for the game.


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