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  • 8:29 AM IST

    Out come the Aussie players on the field! It’s bright and sunny out there at the moment although the forecast isn’t too promising later on.

  • 8:18 AM IST

    Welcome to Day 4 of the second and final Test between Australia and Pakistan. The hosts are well and truly in front and after enforcing the follow-on, they have 3 wickets in the bag and a lead of 248. Tim Paine and co. were sub-par early on Day 3 and they would hope not to repeat that. Pakistan, on the other hand, would look to at least go past Australia’s total. They need overnight batsmen, Asad Shafiq and Shan Masood to bat them out of trouble and put on a giant fight if they are even to see off the day. Will the penultimate day of this Test be the final one or will the visitors drag this into the final day?

  • 8:18 AM IST

    … Day 4, First Session …

  • 4:30 PM IST

    So that is it from Day 3. Australia are well and truly in control of this game. One would feel Pakistan need some miracle to even see Day 5 of this Test. Will the visitors put up a fight or will Day 4 be the final day of this Test? Join us on Monday, 2nd December for the penultimate day of this Test. The play will begin at 1330 local (0300 GMT). Hope to see you soon. Till then, goodbye!

  • 4:26 PM IST

    In a match where Pakistan have been under the pump and have hardly had anything to cherish. Pakistan’s only century has come like a ray of hope from a very unlikely source, Yasir Shah. His century along with the fight shown by Abbas and Azam have been some shining spots for the day. Babar missed out on a well deserved ton earlier in the day. That inspiring knock from Yasir failed to inspire the tourists top-order and after being forced to bat again, Pakistan lost 3 wickets including that of Babar Azam. Shan Masood and Asad Shafiq have seen through the day, albeit because of rain. The pair would look to battle it out on Day 4 and do something surprising.

  • 4:22 PM IST

    When many expected that Australia would bat again after bowling almost 60 overs in the first innings, Tim Paine did the opposite and asked the tourists to bat again. The decision paid off as the hosts were able to get 3 wickets with Hazlewood and Starc picking up 2 and 1 each. The hosts made the ball talk again under lights and would have liked a few more overs but rain did not permit that.

  • 4:18 PM IST

    That is the end of the day’s play. We expected rain to play a spoilsport and it indeed did not disappoint. Apart from the first session, Australia were more or less on top once again. Another day where the hosts dominated but they were tested the most in this Test on Day 3.

  • 4:01 PM IST

    AHHHH! This is frustrating, the rain is back again and out go the players again. The groundsmen rush onto the field with the covers, AGAIN! Let’s hope it passes by quickly but then does not return once it passes by. Well, it’s pelting down right now.

  • 4:01 PM IST

    16.5 Pat Cummins to Asad Shafiq, no run, Fullish length around off, Shafiq keeps it out. The rain returns and off we go again.

  • 4:00 PM IST

    16.4 Pat Cummins to Asad Shafiq, no run, Good length ball on off, it is defended off the back foot.

  • 4:00 PM IST

    16.3 Pat Cummins to Asad Shafiq, no run, Full and on off, Shafiq pushes it towards mid off.

  • 3:59 PM IST

    16.2 Pat Cummins to Asad Shafiq, no run, Shortish length ball, closer to off pole. Shafiq stands tall and blocks it onto the pitch.

  • 3:58 PM IST

    16.1 Pat Cummins to Asad Shafiq, no run, Good length ball around off, Asad taps it towards point.

  • 3:58 PM IST

    Pat Cummins will bowl from the other end. 4-2-14-0 are his figures so far.

  • 3:57 PM IST

    15.6 Josh Hazlewood to Shan Masood, no run, Back of a length and on off, Masood stays back and defends it out.

  • 3:57 PM IST

    15.5 Josh Hazlewood to Shan Masood, no run, Fuller and around off, this is pushed to the man at mid off.

  • 3:56 PM IST

    15.4 Josh Hazlewood to Shan Masood, no run, Good length and on off, Shan lunges forward and keeps it out nicely.

  • 3:56 PM IST

    We are all set to begin after the rain break. Shan Masood and Asad Shafiq are out in the middle to resume their innings with the visitors still behind by 248 runs. The Australian players are also out on the field. Josh Hazlewood will complete his over.

  • 3:50 PM IST

    Update 2045 Local (1015 GMT) – Good news, the rain has stopped and the covers are coming off. Should not be far away from a restart.

  • 3:40 PM IST

    No, the drizzle is heavier now and the umpires have called for the covers. The batters have rushed to the pavilion but the Aussie players are still waiting. The umpire eventually takes them off.

  • 3:39 PM IST

    15.3 Josh Hazlewood to Asad Shafiq, 1 run, Good length delivery, the batter looks to defend but it goes off the outer half towards point where the fielder dives to his left and stops it. Can’t stop a single though.

  • 3:39 PM IST

    15.2 Josh Hazlewood to Asad Shafiq, no run, Slightly fuller again and on off, it is hit back nicely to the bowler.

  • 3:38 PM IST

    15.1 Josh Hazlewood to Asad Shafiq, no run, Good length on off, it is defended.

  • 3:37 PM IST

    14.6 Pat Cummins to Shan Masood, 2 runs, Full on the pads, Shan flicks it towards deep square leg and scampers back for the second. A good throw from Head could’ve made things interesting. Shafiq had to make a dive to get in.

  • 3:36 PM IST

    Well… it has started to drizzle again. Right now the play goes on as it is not heavy. Let’s hope we do not have a stoppage and it passes by.

  • 3:36 PM IST

    14.5 Pat Cummins to Shan Masood, no run, In the channel outside off, Shan makes a leave this time.

  • 3:36 PM IST

    14.4 Pat Cummins to Shan Masood, no run, Beaten! Brilliantly bowled! Good length ball, closer to the off pole. Shan looks to defend but gets beaten.

  • 3:35 PM IST

    14.3 Pat Cummins to Shan Masood, FOUR, FOUR! Cut away! Shortish length ball outside off, Shan stays on the back foot and cuts it through the gap between point and gully. It races to the third man fence.

  • 3:34 PM IST

    14.2 Pat Cummins to Asad Shafiq, 3 runs, Driven nicely! Full ball just outside off, Asad drives it firmly through mid off. Neser, the substitute hares towards the ball and makes a sliding stop to save a run. Three more for Asad.

  • 3:33 PM IST

    14.1 Pat Cummins to Asad Shafiq, no run, Fullish ball on middle, Asad blocks it off the back foot.

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