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AB de Villiers © Getty Images

Sep 6, 2014

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(Can Faf du Plessis help South Africa clear the final hurdle against Australia? Catch all the live cricket scores and live updates of the match here.)


South Africa 221/4 | Overs 40.2 

AB de Villiers 57(41), JP Duminy 0(0)

South Africa clinch a fabulous victory! This is the first time South Africa have beaten Australia in a tournament final. Faf du Plessis, who needed four runs to complete his century, while South Africa needed just one, went for a big shot to Mitchell Johnson and failed. But ABD gets the next ball away for a boundary, and SOUTH AFRICA WIN!

OUT! Faf du Plessis c Faulkner b Johnson 96 (99)

South Africa 212/3 | Overs40

F du Plessis 92(94), AB de Villiers 53(40)

So the Proteas take the batting powerplay. Lyon starts proceedings. Just 19 runs come off the first four overs of the powerplay. But then, they don’t really need to score too many. Faulkner again now. And ABD finally breaks loose, smashes this one way over midwicket for six. AND ANOTHER ONE! Down the ground, six more.

South Africa 175/3 | Overs 35

F du Plessis 82(78), AB de Villiers 27(26)

Johnson again. Four to ABD, and another one for Faf. They run two more…but wait, it’s one short. Faf looks none too happy about his clumsiness. Lyon and Faulkner keep going about their business, as do ABD and Faf. No pressure, and therefore not much excitement at the moment.

South Africa 149/3 | Overs 30

F du Plessis 70(64), AB de Villiers 13(10)

ABD comes in now, and some sanity is restored! The pair just knock the ball around for a few runs here and there, but most importantly they keep rotating the strike — something that didn’t seem to occur to Parnell. Smith, Johnson, Starc all try their luck, but at the moment South Africa ought to do this in a canter.

South Africa 126/3 | Overs 26.4

F du Plessis 60(54)

Wayne Parnell is in at No 4. It makes a whole lot of no sense to give him some batting practice! He faces 18 balls before getting a boundary, in those 18 balls he managed just two runs and about five appeals. South Africa still comfortably ahead, but perhaps it would have been more prudent to give David Miller a chance? And now FINALLY Faf gets the strike off the first ball of an over. He had faced just two balls out of the last 23 ones before this. Faulkner to bowl. Four off the first ball. Single to him. Parnell on strike. AND HE’S KNOCKED HIM OVER!

OUT! W Parnell 6(24) b Faulkner

South Africa 112/2 | Overs 21.4

F du Plessis 52(47)

Steve Smith comes on now. OH AND HE PICKS UP AMLA! Well! After doing all the hard work, Amla goes and gets himself out to Mr Innocuous himself. Poor shot, lapse of concentration from Amla.

OUT! H Amla 51(75) c Bailey b S Smith

South Africa 109/1 | Overs 21

H Amla 50(72), F du Plessis 52(47)

Lyon continues. And Faf smacks a couple of boundaries to bring up his 10th ODI fifty. This is the third time in four innings he has gone past 50. Amla is closing in on his as well. And he gets it with a single off Marsh. Tremendous stuff from the Proteas!

South Africa 96/1 | Overs 19

H Amla 46(65), F du Plessis 42(42)

Lyon again. Just three runs off the over. Johnson continues, gives away just three after going for plenty in the last over. Lyon continues. He has bowled with discipline and guile, but is yet to get a breakthrough. Just four runs off that over. Starc continues. Five off the first five balls. Nicely played for a couple to end the over.

South Africa 79/1 | Overs 15

H Amla 34(50), F du Plessis 27(27)

Nathan Lyon comes on now. Just four runs off that over. Faulkner continues. And Faf greets him with a six over midwicket to bring up the 50 partnership! Just two more come off the over though. Lyon again. Four more runs from the over. South Africa well ahead at the moment. Mitchell Johnson comes in to try and break through.

South Africa 55/1 | Overs 11

H Amla 29(39), F du Plessis 18(20)

Starc comes on again. Four more to Amla down third man. Again, good over for the Proteas. Six runs off it. Marsh continues. Much better over, five dots in a row before a single off the last ball. Faulkner comes on now. Starts off with a couple of singles. OH IS THIS A WICKET? No, Amla survives a very close run out chance. It was a direct hit, but Amla was in.

South Africa 43/1 | Overs 8

H Amla 20(25), F du Plessis 15(16)

In comes the third Mitchell of the match for Australia (blimey, they just keep coming!), Starc. Lovely shot from Amla, not quite the best timing but attractive nonetheless. Three more. Just four off that over. Marsh again. Oh dear, he’s bowled one short, and Marsh swipes that away for four to square leg. And he goes again, this time over covers. Three more runs. Expensive over for Australia.

South Africa 27/1 | Overs 6

H Amla 14(21), F du Plessis 6(8)

Johnson again. Just two runs off the over, but he had found Faf’s outside edge on one occasion. Here comes the other Mitchell, Marsh, to bowl now. Amla on strike. OH and he makes one rear up to get the outside edge. Amla survives though! Oh and now du Plessis plays a lovely shot through covers. Four more.

South Africa 14/1 | Overs 3.2

H Amla 7(13)

Oooh Mitch is really pacy here. He’s making Amla think long and hard about going for some big hits. Maxwell continues. AND HE’S GOT HIS MAN! Quinton de Kock departs playing a false shot, and gives Bailey an easy catch.

OUT! Q de Kock 7(7) c Bailey b Maxwell

South Africa 5/0 | Overs 2

H Amla 4(6), Q de Kock 2(2)

Here’s Mitchell Johnson steaming in to Hash! Four dot balls in a row to start. Oh lovely shot! Four runs down the ground, great timing from Amla. So Glenn Maxwell will start off now. Eight more runs off the over, with de Kock getting one away for four off the outside edge.

In case you missed what happened while Australia batted, you can catch the innings report here.

Australia 217 | Overs 50

M Starc 29(46), N Lyon 0(0)

All going well for South Africa so far. They’ve called the shots but Australia managed to pick 50 runs off the last five overs thanks to the ninth wicket stand between James Faulkner and Mitchell Starc. Faulkner was finally dismissed in the last over of the innings. 218 isn’t a challenging target at all but it would be interesting to see if Australian pacers get the same kind of reverse swing. If they do, then this is game on.

OUT! J Faulkner c Miller b Morkel 40(37)


Australia 216/8 | Overs 49

J Faulkner 38(35), M Starc 26(42)

Excellent 49th over from Wayne Parnell. He outsmarted Faulkner consistently and the batsman was caught off-guard every time he went for a big shot. Slower ball, slower bouncer, length ball, Parnell has mixed it up well. But Faulkner somehow manages to squeeze a boundary on the last ball.


Australia 188/8 | Overs 47

J Faulkner 23(27), M Starc 23(29)

Couple of fours from Faulkner and a six from Mitchell Starc, Australia are inching closer to the 200-run mark. Below par score but they would take it looking at where they were when the eighth wicket fell.



Australia 167/8 | Overs 45

J Faulkner 8(19), M Starc 17(34)

As much as Steyn has been menacing, not to forget the tight bowling by Wayne Parnell. He has been using the same ball as Steyn and has made good use of it. Starc did push the score forward with a six off Imran Tahir in the 44th over.



Australia 154/8 | Overs 42

J Faulkner 7(17), M Starc 5(18)

Dale Steyn bowls the 41st over and the batsmen face him helplessly. Just one from it. From the other end, Imran Tahir has been brought back and he does well to now concede easy runs.


 Australia 150/8 | Overs 40

J Faulkner 6(14), M Starc 2(9)

It all depends on Faulkner now. Australia are dragging their innings towards the 50n-over mark. Only 17 runs came in the batting powerplay and Australia lost two wickets.


Australia 144/8 | Overs 38

J Faulkner 4(10)

Mitchell Johnson is the new man in. And he will probably enjoying having a crack at the South African batsmen once he has the cherry in hand. Here comes Morne Morkel now. He has bowled well today despite being far from 100 percent fit. Oh Johnson smacks one for four. AND HE HOLES OUT NEXT BALL! Aaron Phangiso takes a good catch.

OUT! M Johnson 6(6) c Phangiso b Morkel

Australia 133/7 | Overs 36.1

J Faulkner 1(2)

Aaron Phangiso continues. He has bowled really well without success. Just four runs off that one. And a dropped catch as well, AB de Villiers of all people dropping it! Here’s Steyn again. AND THE PHALABORWA FIREBOLT STRIKES AGAIN! Brad Haddin LBW!

OUT! B Haddin 4(15) LBW b Steyn

And it continues…



Australia 133/6 | Overs 35

B Haddin 4(15), J Faulkner 1(2)

Here comes Parnell again. AND HE’S KNOCKED HIM OVER! That’s the huge wicket, lapse in concentration from Marsh, and this could make a difference of at least 50 runs to the final total!

OUT! M Marsh 27(43) b Parnell

Meanwhile, a bit of banter by Clarke and Warney:



Australia 132/5 | Overs 34

M Marsh 27(43), B Haddin 4(14)

HERE WE GO! Mitchell Marsh finally brings out the big gun. Tahir gives this one some air, and Marsh cracks this one down the ground and way over the ropes. It’s still a good over though. Just seven off it.

Australia 125/5 | Overs 33

M Marsh 20(37), B Haddin 4(14)

Tahir again. Just two runs off that over. Good stuff again. Parnell continues. A slip in as well. Good over from Parnell. Marsh is really Australia’s sole hope at the moment. He’s off to a slow start, but he needs to stay in there till the death. Meanwhile Faf du Plessis under-arms one to the stumps and gets a direct hit, but Haddin was safe.


Australia 121/5 | Overs 31

M Marsh 18(30), B Haddin 2(9)

What an over from Steyn. Completely derailed whatever good work Finch and the rest had done to set things up. Tahir again. Just three off it. Australia scoring at less than four runs an over at the moment. They are going nowhere right now. Parnell comes back in.

Australia 115/5 | Overs 28.2

M Marsh 9(13)

Marsh and Finch continue to knock the ball around, it’s a bit of a lull period at the moment. Steyn has come on to bowl, and he is keeping it tight as well. Meanwhile Tahir and Phangiso continue to be frugal. Marsh continues to just block. Will he be able to turn on the heat again? Steyn again. OH WHAT A SNAPPER! Finch cleaned up by an aboslute viper. Full, outside off, seaming in and knocked the middle stump clean out! Maxwell is the new man in. OH AND HE’S GONE FIRST BALL! Dale Steyn is a magician with his reverse swing! He’s on a hattrick now! Brad Haddin to face. And he sees it off. But what an over from Steyn!

OUT! A Finch 54(87) b Steyn, G Maxwell 0(1) LBW b Steyn

Australia 105/3 | Overs 24

A Finch 50(72), M Marsh 9(13)

Morne Morkel bowls a near-maiden over to Aaron Finch, five dot balls before he takes a single to go to fifty. It has not been his most fluent knock, but an important one nonetheless.

Australia 95/3 | Overs 22

A Finch 41(61), M Marsh 8(12)

In walks Mitch Marsh, one of the most impressive players in this series. He is currently at No 3 in the list of run-scorers, and who can forget his sensational hitting in the last game? He’s up against a couple of spinners who are really troubling the batters at the moment. Oh great fielding from David Miller on that occasion, he threw himself at the ball and stopped it. Morkel into the attack now. He has struggled to throw, but it fit enough to bowl.

Australia 82/3 | Overs 19

A Finch 36(55)

Phangiso and Tahir are really bowling well at the moment. Australia have already shown that they are not the greatest players of spin. They aren’t doing there reputation much good today either. OH HE’S GOT HIM! Cleaned up by a googly, is Bailey. Tahir celebrates as only he can.

OUT! G Bailey 12(28) b Tahir

Australia 72/2 | Overs 16

A Finch 32(53), G Bailey 6(15)

South Africa are bowling well here, they’re not giving any freebies away. And Aaron Finch brings up his 1000 runs in ODIs as well. He is turning into a really good player for Australia. They make steady progress, but they will look to launch into an offensive soon. Both men have the capabilities to cut loose. Imran Tahir bowling well here.

Australia 58/2 | Overs 11

A Finch 24(31), G Bailey 1(7)

Phangiso continues. Oh he’s bowling these nice and slowly. Not giving much away. Just three singles off the over. Parnell again. He bowls four dot balls in a row then concedes five wides. Not the best bowling on his part. Just six off that over though.

Australia 49/2 | Overs 8.5

A Finch 21(22)

Here comes Aaron Phangiso. The left-arm spinner has bowled well this series. Let’s see if spin can turn the tide. Finch tries to whack the ball away to all parts of the ground, but succeeds to actually get one off the middle of the bat only off the final ball. Parnell continues. Finch is looking in good touch, and has looked to attack. Smith looking a bit awkward. OH HE’S GONE! Smith top-edges a pull and Miller catches it easily.

OUT! S Smith 10(15) c Miller b Parnell

Australia 45/1 | Overs 7

A Finch 17(16), S Smith 10(11)

The pair of Finch and Smith are consolidating here after the early wicket. Finch in particular is looking in ominous touch. Oh and Smith is picking up now as well! Wayne Parnell into the attack, and he’s knocked for two boundaries in his first over.

Morkel again. Good ball, that’s a dot. And again. Just three off that over, one was a leg bye. Steyn continues. AND HE STRIKES FIRST BALL! Big wicket for South Africa. Hughes caught at short cover.
OUT! P Hughes 15(16) c de Villiers b Steyn
Steyn continues. And that’s a dot ball to start with. Another dot. Nicely played by Hughes, that’s three more. Oh shot! Four to Finch though covers. And a couple of dots to end with.



He was unlikely to feature in the XI today, but Morne Morkel with a white band strapped on is right arm starts the second over of the day. He is a touch erratic. The first one was a dolly outside off and Hughes shuffles across to pull it past square-leg for four. Well-controlled shot. Morkel bowls a huge wide on the third ball of the over. Hughes picks up onbe more boundary on the fourth ball. It was short and Hughes pulls it awkwardly and manages to beat mid-on. Picks a single on the next ball and Hughes finishes off the over with a couple. He chipped it in the air in the leg-side and cleared the infield. Didn’t get much timing on that one. 12 runs from the over.


Finch is off the mark with a single playing towards mid-off. Phil Hughes shuffles across facing his first ball but Steyn sends one down the leg-side. Predominantly leg-side field set for Hughes. The left-hander picks a single on the fourth ball of the over by placing towards fine-leg. Just the two singles and wide from the first over of the day.




Toss: South Africa have won the toss and have decided to field. Rilee Roussouw makes way for Imran Tahir. Australia have brought in James Faulkner for injured Kane Richardson

Playing XI

South Africa: Hashim Amla, Quniton de Kock(wk), Faf du Plessis, AB de Villiers(c), David Miller, JP Duminy, Dale Steyn, Wayne Parnell, Aaron Phangiso, Morne Morkel, Imran Tahir.

Australia: Phil Hughes, Aaron Finch, Mitchel Marsh, Glenn Maxwell, Steve Smith, George Bailey (c), Brad Haddin (wk), James Faulkner, Mitchell Johnson, Mitchell Starc, Nathan Lyon.


Pitch: It’s a new surface and hasn’t been used so far in this tournament. But the look is very similar to the dry wickets that we’ve seen before. There’s a tinge of green but once again it’s likely to assist spinners. So the Proteas have Duminy, Tahir and Phangiso to turn the match.


Welcome to CricketCountry’s live blog of the triangular series final match between Australia and South Africa at Harare. I am Shiamak Unwalla and I will be bringing the live updates to you. Both teams have beaten each other once in this series. So it’s going to be yet another tough battle in the title clash. The Proteas have looked a much solid than the misfiring Australian unit. Read the preview of the match here

The Aussies were humbled by hosts Zimbabwe but still managed to qualify for the final beating South Africa convincingly in their second match against the opponent. South Africa emerged the toppers in the round-robin stage, finishing with 15 points with three wins out of four games. Australia and Zimbabwe were second and third respectively with 10 and four points respectively. In the final, both teams will look to put aside the hits and misses from the past matches and start the proceedings fresh.

But one man who will be thrilled to carry his form everywhere is Faf du Plessis. The Proteas batsman is in supreme touch and it seems nothing can go wrong for him. He has hit three centuries in this tournament so far. It will be interesting to see how the Australian bowler deal with him.

The Australian team seems to have settled with their playing XI in the absence of skipper Michael Clarke. On the other hand South Africa are still fretting over the fitness of JP Duminy. Here are some of the key clashes to watch out for in the match.


Australia: Phillip Hughes, Aaron Finch, Steven Smith, Glenn Maxwell, George Bailey (c), Mitchell Marsh, Brad Haddin (wk), Mitchell Johnson, Mitchell Starc, Nathan Lyon, Kane Richardson, James Faulkner, Ben Cutting

South Africa: Quinton de Kock (wk), Hashim Amla, Faf du Plessis, Rilee Rossouw, AB de Villiers (c), Jean-Paul Duminy, David Miller, Wayne Parnell, Dale Steyn, Aaron Phangiso, Morne Morkel, Kyle Abbott, Mthokozisi Shezi, Imran Tahir.

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 140/3 in 29 overs, F du Plessis 66(60), AB de Villiers 8(8) vs  (Target: 218)  —