Azhar is frustrated for speaking so disparagingly about me: Kambli

Vinod Kambli was hurt that his former teammates were not coming forward to support him

By CricketCountry Staff

Vinod Kambli has lashed out Mohammed Azharuddin after the former India captain had some uncharitable comments to make about the former. Last week, Kambli had raised his suspicions on the credibility of the 1996 World Cup semi-final encounter between India and Sri Lanka. The comments were greeted with shock from all parts of the country.

Kambli told the Marathi news channel Star Majha, “He raised one or two points about me such as I have lost my mind. He also said that I have given the statements in bad taste and also spoke about my cricket. I don t care if he speaks about me as a person, but I do not approve the fact that he spoke about my cricket. He said, “You know how Kambli has played his cricket.”

“People know how I have played my cricket. I didn t go in front of Azhar and beg for a place in the team. I made it through my hard work. Everybody knows how I came up. My only aim was to play cricket for India. I didn t go in front of somebody and beg neither did I say take me in the squad. I came up through my hard work. He is throwing mud on my services to the Indian team. I cannot tolerate this. It would have been good had he not done that. The way he spoke just indicates that he was frustrated,” Kambli fumed.

Kambli was hurt that his former teammates were not coming forward to support him. “A colleague I tried to contact didn t come forward. After bidding cricket goodbye I know how my cricketing friends behave. Nobody has come forward to help me Nobody is coming forward. I don t understand. Everybody knows it. But one day they will have to answer God.”