Azharuddin son's neurological status causes grave concern: Doctors

The damaged 1000cc Suzuki GSX sports bike

By CricketCountry Staff

Hyderabad: Sep 15, 2011

The condition of Mohammad Ayazuddin, the son of former cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin, remained critical on Wednesday and has not regained consciousness three days after meeting a grievous accident.

The doctors have removed one of the damaged kidneys as it was bleeding continuously.

“His neurological status [following hypoxia due to cardiac arrest prior to arrival at the hospital] continues to be a cause for grave concern. His vital parameters are being maintained with supports and he continues to be on the ventilator. His status remains critical,” informed hospital CEO Dr. Hari Prasad said on Wednesday evening.

The patient is currently on a ventilator. He has multi-organ failure and is being supported with medication and other treatment to maintain his vital functions. The prognosis and outcome are guarded due to the severity of the injury and continued instability,” said a medical bulletin issued by Apollo Hospital.

According to a reliable source, “Doctors revived him, but his heart failed twice on Sunday itself. He has been put on ventilator ever since. The chances still seem very low as he has multiple organ failure and nothing more perhaps can be done on him. Clinically, he is alive but extremely critical.”

Ayazuddin required multiple interventions and massive blood transfusions and suffered multiple cardiac arrests. He suffered multiple fractures and severe damage to his brain, lungs and kidneys after his sports bike skidded on the outskirts of Hyderabad on Sunday morning in which his cousin Azmal-ur-Rahman, riding pillion, was killed. Azharuddin, who was in London when the accident occurred, reached Hyderabad early Monday morning.

Prasad said, “He suffered rib fractures on both sides, an intestinal injury, and a severe injury to the left lung. He was immediately operated upon to stop the bleeding in the left lung. His blood pressure has been stable and he continued to be on ventilator support. His vital functions are being maintained with medication.”

He added, “There was severe bleeding in the left kidney and his condition would not permit surgical intervention. We have, however, controlled the bleeding. About 70-80 blood units were required.”

The doctor informed that a multi-specialty team including neurologists and nephrologists are working on saving the 19-year-old.

Meanwhile, a police case was filed against Ayazuddin, for attempted murder and negligence leading to the death of his cousin Ajmal, Mumbai Mirror reported.

Ayaz and Ajmal went for a drag race early morning on Sunday, which involved another five or six bikes.

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