Steven Smith and David Warner    Getty Images
Steven Smith and David Warner Getty Images

The shocking ball-tampering scandal took place during the third Test against South Africa . Steven Smith and Cameron Bancroft had admitted to their crimes. The sanctions have been handed. Smith and David Warner have been banned for 12 months. Bancroft has been given 9-month ban. Smith and Warner have stepped down as IPL captains as well. But things have not come to an end just yet.

It is understood that Smith, Bancroft and Warner are expected to appeal their sanctions from Cricket Australia (CA). The appeal, however, has to be made before April 11. CA has confirmed hearings over the charges on Smith, Warner and Bancroft would likely take place next Wednesday on the basis of the confirmation from the players’ legal officers. Warner in particular is keen to put his case to an independent code-of-conduct commissioner.

Smith and Bancroft too are considering legal advice. CA had not made sanctions based on the ball-tampering scandal rather on the basis of conduct contrary to the spirit of the game”, “unbecoming of a representative”, that “could be harmful to the interests of cricket and/or … brought the game of cricket into disrepute.

The hearing would be conducted before a CA commissioner. CA chief, James Sutherland, told last week, If they do take that to appeal, that’s a good, proper legal process. As a course of natural justice under our code, players have the right.

There are also concerns in the cricketing circle that Warner and Smith could lose out on their central contracts for two years, which means, their punishment is severe than what CA has handed them now.

CA had already handed the 2018-19 central contracts to the players prior to the ball-tampering saga. But with Tim Paine s return, CA are reshuffling the contracts.