Hola! Welcome everyone to CricketCountry’s coverage of the third day of the three-day game between Karnataka and Bangladesh A. I am Sakshi Gupta and I will be bringing you the updates from the game today. Bangladesh A had an excellent Day 2 as they ended it by posting 188 runs on board at stumps for the loss of just three wickets with a lead of about 63 runs. The fight back for the visitors was led by Anamul Haque who scored a belligerent 87-ball 89. Liton Das has looked solid batting at 37, while Soumya Sarkar has scored 24 unbeaten at stumps.

Live cricket score Karnataka 166/5 | Overs 38.1 | Batting: Shreyas Gopal 27(36): Al Amin Hossain strikes, however that is just a consolation wicket as the hosts just need another 15 runs to win from here with four wickets in hand.

Live cricket score Karnataka 130/5 | Overs 18 | Batting: Abhishek Reddy 24(54): Jubair Hossain dismisses Shishir Bhavane in the 27th over, leaving Karnataka to need 56 runs more to win. OUT! Shishir Bhavane c Nasir Hossain b Jubair Hossain 24(24)

TEA BREAK at Bengaluru, with Karnataka needing another 76 runs to win the three-day match against Bangladesh A. Can the visitors deny the Ranji champions a victory here? Stay tuned!

Live cricket score Karnataka 92/4 | Overs 18 | Batting: Abhishek Reddy 20(34), Shishir Bhavane 7(8): Six overs have passed since the dismissal, Karnataka have managed to put up 23 runs. From here on the hosts need 90 runs with six wickets in hand. Can Bangladesh A get get quick wickets here?

Live cricket score Karnataka 92/4 | Overs 18 | Batting: Abhishek Reddy 14(19): Karnataka suddenly has lost the momentum,Saqlain Sajib strikes again, and suddenly the visitors look stronger in the current situation. After Gautam’s wicket, the otehr set batsman, Mayank Agrawal goes for a 39-ball 23. The new batsman in is Shishir Bhavane and it is important for him to build a partnership with Abhishek Reddy to ensure Karnataka a victory in the three-day match against the Bangladesh A side. While the hosts need another 89 runs to win, Bangladesh need to remove the next six batsman to register a famous victory. OUT! Mayank Agarwal c Kamrul Islam Rabbi b Saqlain Sajib 23(39)

Live cricket score Karnataka 82/3 | Overs 15 | Batting: Mayank Agarwal 23(36) : Saqlain Sajib strikes for the visitors, denies CM Gautam a fifty by one run. When the former looked dangerous, Saqlain spoils his part by dismissing him on a 35-ball 49. Abhishek Reddy is the new batsman in, while Agarwal is still struggling on the other end. Karnataka needs another 108 runs with seven wickets in hand. OUT! CM Gautam b Saqlain Sajib 49(35)

Live cricket score Karnataka 65/2 | Overs 13 | Batting: Mayank Agarwal 18(32) CM Gautam 43(30) : CM Gautam who joined the opener Mayank Agarwal after the dismissal of Robin Uthappa in the sixth over is on fire, who already has scored a quick 30-ball 43 which includes nine fours. Meanwhile, Agarwal who also is famous for his explosive knocks has decided to stay quiet and provide support to his partner.

Live cricket score Karnataka 15/2 | Overs 7 | Batting: Mayank Agarwal 9(21): Al Amin Hossain and Kamrul Islam open acount for Bangladesh dismissing Samrath and Robin Uthappa respectively. With the depature of the two, hosts need another 165 runs to win. wicketkeeper-batsman CM Gautam has now joined opener Mayank Agarwal out in the middle. OUT! Samarth R c Anamul Haque b Al Amin Hossain 1(14) OUT! Robin Uthappa c Shuvagata b Kamrul Islam 3(2)

Live cricket score Karnataka 7/0 | Overs 3 | Batting: Mayank Agarwal 5(9) Samarth R 0(6): Can Bangladesh’s bowling attack use their experience to dominate against this young Karnataka batting line-up? Nasir Hossain who scored a fighting 44 in their second innings will once again have to play a crucial role, this time with the ball. If Suchith J managed six wickets on KSCA’s flat tracks, Hossain should manage to trouble the opponents’ batsman.

Live cricket score Bangladesh A 309/10 | Overs 76 | Batting: Shuvagata Hom 50(74): A six-wicket haul for Suchith J as he bagged three more wickets, removing Jubair Hossain and Kamrul Islam Rabbi and for a duck and one run respectively before dismissing the 10th batsman Al Amin Hossain for 1. The hosts need 181 runs to win with more than half a day left.

OUT! Jubair Hossain c Shishir Bhavane b Suchith J 0(1)

OUT! Kamrul Islam Rabbi LBW Suchith J 1(11)

OUT! Al Amin Hossain c Shishir Bhavane b Suchith J 1(14)

Live cricket score Bangladesh A 287/7 | Overs 70 | Batting: Shuvagata Hom 31(61): Suchith J strikes twice in his consecutive overs to break the partnership of Hossain and Shuvagata by dismissing the former in the 68th over for a 61-ball 44. In the second delivery of his next over, he removed the new batsman onc crease, Saqlain Sajib for poor 9-ball 1. As the visitors seemed to gain momentum, the Karnataka side bounced back, ensuring the visitors do not dominate at any point of time. Kamrul Islam Rabbi is the new man in, batting along Shuvagata. OUT! Nasir Hossain b Suchith J 44(61) OUT! Saqlain Sajib LBW Suchith J 1(9)

Live cricket score Bangladesh A 285/5 | Overs 68 | Batting: Nasir Hossain 33(45), Shuvagata Hom 18(36): Excellent fight back shown by these two, while Hossain is nearing his half-century, Shuvagata is giving him the required support. After a superb start to the final day of the game by the hosts, it is surely frustrating for the Karnataka side to watch these two score runs with such a ease. After 68 overs, Bangaldesh lead by 156 runs, with five wickets in hand. The likes of Shreyas Gopal, Sharath and Prasidh are doing everthing they can to brek this partnership, can they get the breakthrough for Karnataka here?

Live cricket score Bangladesh A 262/5 | Overs 62 | Batting: Nasir Hossain 33(45), Shuvagata Hom 18(36): Karnataka bowling attack although does not feature nay big names, but they have done a decent job by keeping their international opponents quiet on field and the two extras given by them displays the discipline in their bowling. 10 overs since the last wicket fell, Bangladesh A have to not lose any more wickets but have scored just 36 runs.

Live cricket score Bangladesh A 254/5 | Overs 60 | Batting: Nasir Hossain 27(37), Shuvagata Hom 18(33): The viistors lead by a total of 121 runs at the moment, however both the batsmen seem to be struggling as they fail to score runs on regular intervals. It is important for Hossain to step forward for his team, and he indeed is capable of doing it as seen earlier in the ongoing series agaisnt India A and Karnataka. While, Shuvagata has managed three boudnaries, his partner has a six and three boundaries to his name.

Live cricket score Bangladesh A 225/5 | Overs 52 | Batting: Nasir Hossain 16(18): HS Sharath bags the big wicket for Soumya Sarkar, leaving the visitors in a miserable position. Shuvagata Hom is the new man joins Hossain out in the middle, however it looks unlikely he would last any long seeing the current form of the Karnataka’s bowlers. OUT! Soumya Sarkar c CM Gautam b HS Sharath 43(62)

Live cricket score Bangladesh A 217/4 | Overs 50 | Batting: Soumya Sarkar 24 (40): Bangladesh, who had an excellent Day 2, lost set batsman Liton Das for an 81-ball 38, leaving them to lead by 88 runs with six wickets in hand. Nasir Hossain, who has had a decent series so far has joined their star bastman Soumyma Sarkar. OUT! Liton Das c Robin Uthappa b Prasidh M Krishna 38(81)

Bangladesh A 188/3 | Overs 44: The visitors were satisfied after they had bounced back in the second innings, with 188 runs already on board. With a loss of just three wickets and Liton Das 37 (77), Soumya Sarkar 24 (40) on the crease, Bangladesh A will look to carry the same momentum on the final day of game.


Bangladesh A XI: Anamul Haque(wk), Rony Talukdar, Mominul Haque(c), Litton Das, Soumya Sarkar, Nasir Hossain, Saqlain Sajib, Shuvagata Hom, Al-Amin Hossain, Jubair Hossain, Kamrul Islam Rabbi.

Karnataka XI: Robin Uthappa, Ravikumar Samarth, Mayank Agarwal, Shishir Bhavane, Abhishek Reddy, Chidhambaram Gautam(c & wk), Shreyas Gopal, Jagadeesha Suchith, HS Sharath, Udit Patel, Prasidh.